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Site Map

Arts and Culture
Amazing Waste Race
Amazing Waste Race Registration
Anti-Litter Campaign
Community Cleanup
Community Cleanup Registration
Adopt a Park, Trail or Roadway
Adopt-A-Trail or Adopt-A-Roadway Application
Pick and Click Photo Contest
Pick and Click Photo Contest Entry Form
Pick and Click Spring 2018 Photo Gallery
Community Placemaking Initiative
Community Signs
Eco Seed e-newsletter
Graffiti Wipe Outs
Reporting Graffiti
TAGS Symposium: Community Input
Wood Buffalo Communities in Bloom
Business Beautification Program
Business in Bloom
Nominate Your Neighbour
Nominate Your Neighbour: Nomination Form
Nominate Your Neighbour: Photo Release
Nominate Your Neighbour - Summer
Nominate Your Neighbour - Winter
2019 Flower of the Year
Get Involved : Communities in Bloom Committee
Judging and Results
Green Teen Program
Learning Gardens
Composting at Home
Sensory Garden
Our Communities
Fort Chipewyan
Fort Fitzgerald
Fort McKay
Fort McMurray
Gregoire Lake Estates
Saprae Creek Estates
Community Planning
Envision Wood Buffalo
Future Forward
Roots of Empathy Program
Terms of Reference
Emergency Services
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: BearSmart
Growth and Demographics
Health and Safety
Know Your Traffic Signals
Municipal Government
Parks and Recreation
Pets and Wild Animals
RCMP and Bylaw Services
Transportation and Roads
Health Services
Preparing for an Emergency
Property Assessment
Property Taxes
Public Engagement
Here For You
Land Use Bylaw
Land Use Bylaw Feedback Web Form
Shape The Way You Have Your Say!
Parks Master Plan
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey
Archived Information
Birchwood Trails: Proposed Pedestrian Bridge
Birchwood Trails Expansion: Silin Forest
Engagement: Community Standards Bylaw
RCMP and Bylaw Services
Seniors' Resources
Snow Angels Program
Snow Angels: Submit A Request
Snow Angels: Volunteer Online Registration
Seniors Support Services: Financial Resources
Seniors Support Services: Social Resources
Seniors Support Services: Health Resources
Seniors Support Services: Emergency Food and Clothing
Emotional Health
Seniors Support Services: Legal Resources
Seniors Support Services: Elder Abuse
Seniors' Parking Map
Services and Utilities
Paying Your Utility Bill
Engineering Servicing Standards
Garbage Collection
Collection Guidelines
Garbage Collection FAQ
Garbage & Recycling Calendar
Big Bin Events
Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste
Heavy Item Pickup 2018
Crushed Concrete For Sale
Crushed Concrete
Soil Disposal
Recycling Depots
Landfill and Recycling Centre Tours
Request a Landfill and Recycling Centre Tour
Yard Waste Collection
Animal Waste
Back Alley Collection
Hydrant Flushing
Water Conservation Tips
FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)
Commerical Business FOG Program
Residential FOG Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Water Metering
How to read your Water Meter
Water Quality
Responsible Sewer Use
Sewer Backups
Water & Wastewater Master Plans
Northern Roots Compost
Frequently Asked Questions
Annual Reports: Environmental Services
Application Approvals
Utility Rate Increases
Social Support Services
Counselling Services
Homelessness: 2012 Housing Needs Count
Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board
Public Health Act
Interest Rates
Insurance Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Filing a Claim
Events and Festivals
Canada Day
Citizen Recognition Program: Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions
2018 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions
2016 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions
2015 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions
2014 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions Nominees
2013 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions Nominees
2012 Mayor and Council's Toast of Champions Nominees
Community Calendar
Community Calendar | Submit an Event
Calendar User Features
Hosting an Event
Event Permits
Development permits (private land)
Special Event Permits (Public Land)
Fort McMurray Urban Market
Urban Market Vendor Survey
Urban Market Public Survey
Santa Claus Parade
Volunteering for Municipal Events
Become a Volunteer
The Western Canada Summer Games
Bicycle Road Races in Thickwood and Timberlea
The Year of Sport
2022 Arctic Winter Games
2018 Alberta Winter Games
Public Operations-Getting Around
Diversity & Inclusion Community Plan
Quiet Room
Crime Study
Vocal About Local
Accommodation and Dining
Fort McMurray International Airport
Arts and Heritage
Discovery Centre
Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum
Heritage Park
Keyano College Theatre
Northern Lights
Oil Sands
Parks and Trails
Doing Business
Bylaw Enforcement
Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw
City Centre Action Program
Customer Relations
Development Permits
Economic Development
Regional Economic Development Strategy 2010-2014
Business Inventory and GAP Analysis 2010
Economic Profile 2011
Economic Profile 2013-2014
Land Development
Area Structure Plans
Approved: Anzac Area Structure Plan
Approved: Conklin Area Structure Plan
Draft: Draper Area Structure Plan
Approved: Fort Chipewyan Area Structure Plan
Approved: Fort McMurray Municipal Airport Area Structure Plan
Approved: Fort McKay Area Structure Plan
Approved: Highway 63/881 Corridor Area Structure Plan
Approved: Highway 69/Clearwater River Valley Area Structure Plan
Approved: Janvier Area Structure Plan
Approved : Martin Ridge Estates
Approved: Prairie Creek Area Structure Plan
Approved : Real Martin West
Approved: Saline Creek Area Structure Plan
Approved: Saprae Creek
Approved: Timberlea Area Structure Plan
Southgate Area Structure Plan
Approved: Athabasca Power Centre Area Structure Plan
Approved: Willow Lake Area Structure Plan
Approved: Wood Buffalo Estates Area Structure Plan
Approved: Dickensfield
Approved : Wood Buffalo Estates West
City Centre Action Program (CCAP)
City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CC-ARP)
City Centre Area Redevelopment: Waterfront Program
City Centre Land Use Bylaw (CC-LUB)
City Centre Documents
Archive: City Centre Redevelopment Updates - May 2013
Commercial and Industrial Land Use Study
Contributed Assets Valuation Toolkit
Urban Service Area Growth
Parson's Creek Town Centre
Tax Online
Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Government
Access to Information and Privacy
Directory of Personal Information Banks
Frequently Asked Questions
Making a Request for Information
Appeal Boards
Assessment Review Boards
Assessment Review Board Decisions
2017 Board Decisions
2016 Board Decisions
2015 Board Decisions
2014 Board Decisions
2013 Board Decisions
2012 Board Decisions
2011 Board Decisions
Filing a Complaint
Frequently Asked Questions
Hearing Process
Preparing for the Hearing
What is Evidence?
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Hearing Notice, Agendas and Decisions
2018 Agendas and Decisions
2017 Agendas and Decisions
2016 Agendas and Decisions
2015 Agendas and Decisions
Filing an Appeal
Preparing for The Hearing
The Hearing Process
Appealing Decisions of the Board
The Process
Boards and Committees
Advisory Committee on Aging
Member Biographies
Assessment Review Boards
RMWB Combative Sports Commission
RMWB Combative Sports Commission Members
RMWB Combative Sports: File Library
Community Identification Committee
Community Identification System
Communities in Bloom Committee
Fort McMurray Airport Authority
Public Art Committee
Member Biographies
Regional Advisory Committee on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality
Regional Recreation Corporation Board
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Wood Buffalo Regional Library Board
Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation Board
MACOY 2014 - 2015
MACOY 2013 - 2014
MACOY 2012-2013
MACOY 2011-2012
MACOY 2010-2011
MACOY 2009-2010
MACOY Committee Application
MACOY General Assembly Application
The Appointment Process
Council Meetings
Council and Committee Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos
Council Committee meetings
Archived Council Meeting Agendas and Videos
Council Expense Reports
Council and Committee Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos Search
Make a Presentation to Council
Live Video: Council and Committee Meetings
Council Meeting Recaps
Council Meeting Previews
Census 2018
Census Location Map
Archived Census Reports
Neighbourhood Profiles
Campaign Contribution and Expense Disclosure
2017 Election Results
Past Election Results
2016 Ward 2 By-election Results
2015 Ward 1 By-election Results
2013 Election Results
2012 By-election Results
2010 Election Results
Candidate Information
Mayor and Council
Mayor Don Scott
Chain of Office History
Invite the Mayor Form
Proclamation Request Form
Proclamation Request
Message from the Mayor Form
Certificate of Congratulations Request Form
Proclamations and Statements
Message from the Mayor Request Form
Invite the Mayor Form - 1
Councillor Profiles
Mike Allen - Ward 1
Krista Balsom - Ward 1
Keith McGrath - Ward 1
Phil Meagher - Ward 1
Verna Murphy - Ward 1
Jeff Peddle - Ward 1
Bruce Inglis - Ward 2
Claris Voyageur - Ward 2
Sheila Lalonde - Ward 3
Jane Stroud - Ward 4
2018-2021 Strategic Plan
2018 Q1 RMWB Strategic Plan Progress Report
2018 Q2 RMWB Strategic Plan Progress Report
2018 Q3 RMWB Strategic Plan Progress Report
2015-2017 Strategic Plan
#1. Building Responsible Government
#2. Building Balanced Regional Services
#3. Building a Vibrant Economy Together
#4. Building an Effective Land Strategy
#5. Building a Reliable Transportation System
#6. Building a Sustainable Region
#7. Building for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle
Council Policies
Whistleblower Program
Whistleblower Program FAQ
Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit
Audit Update : Final Report
Audit Update: Feb 15, 2017
Audit Update: Feb. 4, 2016
Audit Update: July 7, 2015
Audit Update: June 16, 2015
Audit Update: May 19, 2015
Audit Update: May 5, 2015
Audit Update: April 21, 2015
Audit Update: October 21, 2014
Background, Objective and Scope
1. Governance
2. Council Policies
3. Organization Review: Communications and Public Affairs
4. Honorariums
5. Land Acquisitions and Expropriations
6. Travel and Living Expenses
7. Consultants and Contractors
8. Tenders and Proposals
Archive: Audit FAQ
Archive: Participation of Former Employees
Ethical Guidelines for Municipal Councillors
Operational and Administrative Functions Review
Public Hearings and Notices
Previous Mayors
Role Maps and Responsibilities
Municipal Departments
Chief Administrative Officer
Assessment and Taxation Department
Property Assessment
Assessment Online
FAQ: Property Assessment
Property Taxes
Tax Payment Options
Tax Estimator Calculator
Rural Non-Residential Small Business Tax Class
Rural Non-Residential Small Business Tax Class Application
Non-profit Organizations Program
Property Tax FAQ
Business Plan on a page : Assessment and Taxation
Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Drone Flight Notifications
Outdoor Advertising
Business Plan on a Page : Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Community and Protective Services
Community Services
Bylaw Services
RCMP Support
Community Services Department
Recreation & Culture
Alberta Culture Days
Culture Days, Artist Registration
Culture Days, Event Proposal
Culture Days, Venue Registration
Art in Motion
Online Submission Form
Artist in Residency
Application Form: Artist in Residency Program - ARCHIVE
Meet the Artists - 2017
Meet the Artists - 2016
Meet the Artists - 2015
Meet the Artists - 2014
Meet the Artists - 2013
Meet the Artists - 2012
Meet the artist - 2017
Have Your Say on AIR Master Class offerings
Cultural Mapping
Cultural Asset Mapping Definitions
Culture Map
Culture Map
Definitions of Culture Asset Mapping Categories
Heritage Calendar
Heritage Calendar Feedback
Heritage Plaques
igNIGHT 2017: Artist Information
igNIGHT 2015: Artist Information
igNIGHT 2014: Artist information
Public Art
Public Art Calls
Public Art Committee
Public Art FAQ
Graphic Wrap Program
Public Art Survey
Mural Program
Street Banner Program
WinterPLAY Schedule
Words in Motion
Mayor's Poetry City Challenge
Past Events & Projects
Artist Trading Cards
Artist Trading Card Gallery
Community Art Session
Public Art Action Forum
RMWB Programs: Get Creative Workshops
Sand Silo Mural Public Art Project
Graffiti Abatement Mural Project
Graffiti Abatement Mural Project
Recreation Culture Calls: Weekly Newsletter
Wood Buffalo Culture Plan
Facility Rental
Facility Explorer
Facility Map
Jubilee Plaza
The McMurray Experience
Booking The McMurray Experience
McMurray Experience Events Calendar
Syncrude Clubhouse
Online Community Directory to Recreation, Culture and Social Services
Regional Indoor Recreation and Community Facilities Master Plan
Recreation Facilities
Child and Youth Recreation Funding Programs
Wood Buffalo Sport Connection
Recreation Culture Calls Weekly Newsletter
2015 Year of Sport
National Health & Fitness Day
A Social Sustainability Plan for Wood Buffalo
Business Plan on a Page : Community Services
Economic Development
Engineering Department
Construction updates
New Bike Park: Silin Forest Road
Business Plan on a Page: Engineering
Environmental Services Department
Business Plan on a Page : Environmental Services
Financial Services Department
2019 Budget
2018 Budget
2017 Budget
2017 Budget Process
2016 Budget
The 2016 Budget Process
2014 Budget
2015 Budget
2013 Budget
2012 Budget
2011 Budget
Capital Budget
Operating Budget
2017 Annual Report
Quarterly Financial Reports
2015 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements
Archived Financial Reports and Statements
2016-2018 Fiscal Management Strategy
2015 - 2017 Fiscal Management Strategy
2014 - 2016 Fiscal Management Strategy
Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016
2013 Live Work Play: A Year in the Life of Wood Buffalo
2012 - 2014 Business Plans
2012 Municipal Plans
Business Plan on a Page : Financial Services
Indigenous and Rural Relations
Business Plan on a Page : First Nation and Métis Nation Relations
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Human Resources
Business Plan on a Page : Human Resources / Strategic Services
Information Technology
Business Plan on a Page : Information Technology
Land Administration Department
Business Plan on a Page : Land Administration
Legal Services
Penhorwood Condominium: FAQ
Penhorwood Demolition Schedule
Penhorwood Demolition Updates
Legislative Services
Business Plan on a Page : Legislative Services
Planning and Development Department
Planning Hierarchy
Business Plan on a Page : Planning and Development
Development Compliance
Economic Development
Planning and Development Forms & Checklists
Land Administration
Outline Plans
Public Works
Public Works Week - Show and Shine
Parks & Trails
Parks & Outdoor Recreation Areas
Birchwood Trails
FireSmart & the Birchwood Trails
Doug Barnes Cabin Expansion
Use of Parks and Trails - Rules and Tips
Memorial/Recognition Bench & Tree Program
Environmental Management Newsletter
Caring for our trees
Black Knot Disease
Elm Pruning Ban
Forest Tent Caterpillars
Tree Roots on Private Property
Clearwing Ash Borers
Urban and Rural Cemetery Project
Off-Highway Vehicles
Tree Species List
Fort Chipewyan Placemaking Survey
Fort Chipewyan Placemaking
Grass and Green Spaces
Road Maintenance & Services
Snow Plowing and Removal
Winter Maintenance Zones
Find Your Zone
Winter Maintenance Zones FAQs
Public Engagement Summary
FAQ: Snow Clearing
Sidewalk Snow & Ice Clearing
Pothole Patching
FAQ: Potholes
Street Sweeping
Find Parking Options: Public Lots
Winter Roads
Fort Chipewyan Winter Roads
La Loche Winter Trail
Fort McMurray Traffic Surveys
Construction Updates
Construction Map
Construction Notices
Construction notices user application
For Contractors/Consultants
Virtual Open Houses
Abasand Drive and Thickwood Boulevard Erosion Control
Anzac Fire Hall Construction
Bus Terminals – Thickwood Blvd and Confederation Way
Conklin Multiplex
Clearwater Drive Construction
Fort Chipewyan Water Treatment Plant
King Street Bridge Rehabilitation
Rural Water and Sewer Servicing
FAQ: Rural Water and Sewer Servicing
FAQ - Tank Requirements
Snye Dredging
Spot Repairs and CIPP (Cure in Place)
Tower Road Snow Storage
Thickwood Perimeter Sewer
Urban Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program
Caldwell Crescent and Cowelly Bay
Carteret Drive, Berens Place and Diefenbaker Drive
Confederation Way and Loutit Road
Deep Road, Castle Ridge Lane, PUL Timberline Drive
Father Mercredi and Demers Drive, Franklin and Gregoire Drive
Becker Crescent, Parmenter Crescent, Leigh Crescent Oaks & Brintnell Rd
Mill & Pave
Westwood Crescent
Archived Notices
Thickwood Reservoir Replacement
Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass - Phase 2
Weekly Update: Bypass Construction
Archive: Timberlea Sewer Upgrades (2015)
Archive: Timberlea Sewer Upgrades (2016)
FAQ: July 12, 2015, Timberlea Flooding Event
Sanitary Sewer Bypass Phase 2 (Contract 1) Information Session
Highway 63/Saprae Creek Trail Improvements
Grayling Terrace Lift Station Upgrades
MacKenzie Lift Station & Sewer Upgrade
Southwest Water Supply Line (Abasand)
Notice: Highway 69 Twinning
Horse Pasture Park Boat Launch
Mills Avenue Stormwater Management: Phase 2
Mills Avenue Stormwater Management: Phase 1
Parsons Creek Waterline Commissioning
Road, Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Inspections
Thickwood Sidewalk Expansion
Timberline Stormwater Upgrade
Snye Point Boat Launch
2017 Construction Notices
UIRP updates - 2017
UIRP Updates - 2016
WOOSH! A Ride Worth Taking
Transit Schedules
Route 7 (Abasand)
Route 8 (Beacon Hill)
Route 9 (Cartier Heights / Brett Drive)
Route 10 (Gregoire / Industrial)
Route 11: Airport
Route 15: Timberlea
Route 16: Thickwood
Route 17: Parsons Creek / Morgan Heights
Route 18: Taiganova
Route 41: Stone Creek / Eagle Ridge
Route 51: Wood Buffalo
Route 61: Thickwood
Route 91: Longboat Landing
Route 92: Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre
Route 99: MacDonald Island
Statutory Holiday Schedules
Route 11 (Airport)
Route 15 (Timberlea)
Route 16 (Thickwood)
Route 18 (Taiga Nova)
Route 99: MacDonald Island
School Service: Regular Routes
Regular Route : Composite High School
Regular Route : École McTavish
Regular Route : Father Mercredi School
Regular Route: Holy Trinity School
Regular Route : Westwood School
School Service: Special Routes
Special Routes: Composite High School
Special Routes: École McTavish
March 31 Preview: École McTavish Special Routes
Special Routes: Father Mercredi High School
Special Routes: Holy Trinity High School
Special Routes: Westwood High School
March 31 Preview: Westwood Special Routes
New Year's Eve Transit Updates
Transit Alerts
Rural Bus Schedules
SMART Bus (Specialized Transportation)
Transit Recognized for Service During Wildfire
Stuff-A-Bus for Santa Anonymous
Bike & Ride Program
FAQ: New Era For Transit in Wood Buffalo
Taxi in Wood Buffalo
Business Plan on a Page : Public Works
Office of the Municipal Auditor
Business Plan on a Page : Office of the Municipal Auditor
Supply Chain Management Department
Requests for Quotation
Procurement and Contract Administration
Social Procurement at the RMWB
Social Procurement Pilot Project
Accounts Payable
Business Plan on a Page : Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Operations
Business Plan on a Page : Sustainable Operations
Business Plan on a Page : Municipal Law Enforcement, RCMP Support and RCMP
Engineering and Environmental Services
Major Projects
Waterfront Redevelopment
Waterfront Steering Committee
Waterfront Progress Updates
Sports and Entertainment Centre
Archive: SEC Engagement
Archive: Sports and Entertainment Centre
Archive: Sports and Entertainment Centre FAQ
Willow Square
Category Reference
Municipal Services
BizPaL Online Business Permits and Licences
Change of Address
Licences and Permits
FAQ: Permits
Business Licensing
FAQ: Business Licences
Notice: Business Licensing Changes
Overdimensional (Oversized) Vehicle Permits
Garbage Collection Schedule
Pothole Report
Report a Problem
Safety Codes Services
Permit News Updates
Building Permits
Energy Codes
Electrical Permits
Gas Permits
Plumbing Permits
Private Sewage Permits
Gas Appliance Ventilation Permits
Development Permits
New Home Warranties
Requesting an Inspection
Safety Codes Glossary
Frequently Asked Questions
Safety Codes Document Library
Permits and Inspections
Occupancy Permits
Services and Utilities
Frequently Asked Questions
Tips for Applying
Employment Opportunities
Summer Students
Firefighter/EMT Recruitment
Regional Emergency Services' FireFit Team
Employer of Choice Guidelines
Collective Agreements
Contact Us
Contact Directory
News Room
RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information
Recovery Plan
Recovery Projects
Firebreak Rehabilitation and Trail Restoration
Tree Projects
Flood Mitigation
Waterways Slope Stability Assessment
Environmental Monitoring
Draper Slope Stability Assessment
Recovery Progress Updates
Project Updates by Pillar
Recovery Task Force – People Pillar Progress Update
Recovery Task Force – Environment Pillar Progress Update
Recovery Task Force – Economy Pillar Progress Updates
Recovery Task Force - Rebuild Pillar Progress Update
Wildfire Recovery Task Force – Mitigate Pillar Progress Update
Rebuilding Information & Permitting
Permits for Rebuilding a Total-Loss Structure
Repairing Partially Damaged Homes
Permit Fee Exemptions
Rebuild Permitting FAQ
Geotechnical Assessments
Information for Homeowners and Contractors
Winter Construction
Protecting the Base of an Excavation
Storm & Sewer Reconnections
New Home Warranty & Builder Registry
Property File Requests
Fencing and Encroachments
Utility Considerations
Soil stockpiling
Use of Adjacent Properties
Construction Safety for Students
Zero Lot Line Information
Construction Management Teams
Construction Access Roads
Construction Fencing Information
Emergency Egress Roads
Comprehensive Firebreak Program
Playground Replacement and Repairs
Re-survey of wildfire-affected areas
Notice of Re-Survey
Demolition Information & Resources
Demolition Orders
Demolition Order FAQ
Site Fencing
Soil Bearing Capacity Certificates
Fire Assessment Tool
Public Information Sessions
Previous Public Information Sessions
FAQ : Wildfire Recovery
Wood Buffalo Recovery Loan Partnership
KPMG Wildfire Review Surveys
Community Wellness Support
Wood Buffalo Flood Assistance
How to Respond to Basement Flooding
Recent Media Releases
Municipality honoured with FireSmart Canada Community Protection Achievement Award
Municipality encourages residents to become Snow Angels this winter
Reminder: Winter Maintenance Zones season begins October 15
Council to work with community on next steps for Anzac Community Hall
FireSmart vegetation management projects set to begin throughout the region
Volunteer and float registration open for annual Santa Claus Parade
RMWB takes steps to support owners of Hillview Park condominiums
Supervised burns to start in the Birchwood Trail System as part of FireSmart vegetation management project
Winter Maintenance Zones activate Tuesday November 13
RMWB, Government of Alberta and Canadian Red Cross collaborate to support residents rebuilding after 2016 wildfire
Applications now being accepted for the Community Plan on Homelessness Grant
Time to put up the holiday lights! Nominate Your Neighbour and Business Beautification winter programs underway
2019 Budget Workshops begin next week
Municipality announces 2018 Stuff-A-Bus event for Santas Anonymous
Advocacy and promoting region, Council’s focus this week in Edmonton
Flags at Half-mast in honour of Frances Jean
Road closures and transit detours in place for Santa Claus Parade Dec. 1
Toys for Tickets brings holiday cheer to families in need
Council completes 2019 Budget meetings approving final budget
RMWB Christmas Tree shines as thousands celebrate the holiday season at annual Santa Claus Parade
Fort Chipewyan Winter Road opens to light traffic
Thank you to participants in 2018 Stuff-A-Bus for Santas Anonymous
Holiday service schedule: WMZs, Transit, waste collection
New Economic Development Corporation Appoints First CEO
Toys for Tickets wraps up after raising $1680 for the Salvation Army
La Loche winter trail opens with a 5,000 kg load limit
Fort Chipewyan Winter Road load limit increases to 15,000 kg
Get ready to lace up the skates! Registration now open for annual Shootout on the Snye
Curbside collection dates to change for approximately 2,000 residences beginning week of January 21
Wood Buffalo 2018 Census reveals an overall population of 111,687
Municipality introduces email subscription for winter road updates – Fort Chipewyan winter road load limit increases to 27,500 kg
Fort Chipewyan winter road load limit increases to 35,000kg
Community champions celebrated by Mayor and Councillors at annual Citizen Recognition Program ceremony
Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 active: Jan. 28 – Feb. 1
Fort Chipewyan winter road load limit increases to 45,000 kg – Sign up for email notifications online
RMWB Administration to take next-steps on Council’s decision regarding fly-in fly-out employment and camp operations in the region
WinterPLAY site preparation at Snye Park underway
All Winter Maintenance Zones relaxed Feb. 4 – 8
La Loche Winter Trail load limit increases to 27,500 kg
Municipality releases costs in Councillor conduct court case
Wood Buffalo will host the 2022 Arctic Winter Games
RMWB seeks public input on policing priorities for 2019/2020
Bylaw seeks resident input on the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw
Update on Snye access during WinterPLAY preparation
Storytelling Art Exhibit coming to MacDonald Island
Subscribe to news updates
Media Releases
Social Media Terms of Use
Municipal Messenger
Big Spirit Magazine
Media Contacts
Workers Recognized for Life-saving Actions
Search Results
Vendor Application

All WMZones are active: Feb. 18 - 22.  Follow us here for regular updates.