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Each participant in the Business Beautification Program was tasked with beautifying and maintaining their storefront or walkways for a period of six weeks. Now we’re looking to the public to vote on your favourite! The winner of the competition wins the coveted Business Beautification Award.

Thank you to all the businesses who took part in this year’s Business Beautification Program.

Royal Canadian Legion Waterways and the surrounding neighbourhood was hit very hard during the 2016 Horse River Wildfire. Months were spent renovating and restoring this historical landmark at the Royal Canadian Legion. During the six weeks of the Business Beautification Program, the Legion completed the following updates:

  1. Planted flowers, shrubs and greenery.
  2. Repositioned picnic table for elders and seniors.
  3. Cleaned and swept entrance, walkways and surrounding areas.
  4. Installed automatic door to improve accessibility into the building.
  5. Cleaned windows and repainted sidings.
  6. Cleaned and updated outdoor signage.
  7. Re-painted fencing, bollards and parking lot lines.
  8. Pressure washed sidings, outside furnishings and walkways.
  9. Picked up litter and other debris around the property.
  10. Landscaped and hardscaped the property.
  11. Installed proper bins for trash, recycling and cigarette butts.

[Week 1 Photo] [Week 6 Photo]

Points North Gallery Points North Gallery is no stranger to business beautification. For many years, the business has maintained a clean and tidy storefront. Perennial flowers line the walkway to create a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

[Week 1 Photo] [Week 6 Photo]