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Business Beautification Program

The Business Beautification Program encourages local businesses to beautify and maintain their storefronts and surrounding property.

2017 Winter Business Beautification Program

The winter Business Beautification Program allows local residents to apply to paint winter images on participating businesses' storefront windows. If you love to paint, fill out the online application form and attach some samples of your work for your chance to be selected. Selected painters will be provided with paint and equipment, plus a fee for each painting completed.

Businesses who would like their storefront windows to be transformed into a winter wonderland can fill out a business application form for a chance to be selected. This is a great opportunity to help make our community merry and bright this winter.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Beautifying your business can be quick and easy. Here are many simple ways to participate in the Business Beautification Program:

  • Sweep storefronts, walkways and surrounding areas.
  • Clean windows, and hang a welcome sign.
  • Clean or update outdoor signage.
  • Re-paint fencing, bollards and parking lot lines.
  • Pressure wash sidings, outside furnishings and walkways.
  • Pick up litter, and other debris around your property.
  • Landscape and/or hardscape your property.
  • Provide proper bins for trash, recycling and cigarette butts.
  • Plant low maintenance shrubs, greenery and flowers beds.
  • Remove graffiti. Email to pick up a free Graffiti Removal Kit.

An attractive storefront not only promotes a positive image of your business, but also appeals to prospective and current customers. By maintaining your property on a regular basis, this encourages neighbouring businesses to follow suit and beautify their storefronts as well.

Nuisance Property Bylaw

Businesses are not obligated to beautify their storefronts. However, all property owners should be aware of the Nuisance Property Bylaw, which outlines the penalties for having an unkempt and unsightly property. Graffiti, overgrowth of grass or weeds, and litter are a few examples that would be considered as part of the Nuisance Property Bylaw.


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