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Business Beautification Program

Communities in Bloom is looking for Wood Buffalo's most festive business this holiday season. Register your local business in the Business Beautification Program by December 16, 2018 for a chance to win the Communities in Bloom Business Beautification Award and be named Wood Buffalo's most festive local business this holiday season!

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The Business Beautification Program aims to encourage local businesses to beautify and maintain their storefronts and surrounding property all year round. An attractive storefront not only promotes a positive image of your business, it also appeals to prospective and current customers. By maintaining your property on a regular basis, you encourage neighbouring businesses to follow suit and beautify their storefronts as well. 

Beautifying your business storefront for the holidays can be quick and easy! Here are some simple ways to participate in the Winter Business Beautification Program: 

  • Create a festive lighting display
  • Hire a local artist to paint a winter scenery on windows
  • Add holiday decorations, such as ornaments, a Christmas Tree, a gingerbread house, etc

Public voting for the winner of the Winter Business Beautification Award takes place from December 18 to 24, 2018.  

Congratulations to the Summer Business Beautification Award Winner: Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites


Nuisance Property Bylaw

Businesses are not obligated to beautify their storefronts. However, all property owners should be aware of the Nuisance Property Bylaw, which outlines the penalties for having an unkempt and unsightly property. Graffiti, overgrowth of grass or weeds, and litter are a few examples that would be considered as part of the Nuisance Property Bylaw.


Communities in Bloom

WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 10 - 14. Follow us here for regular updates.