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Nominate Your Neighbour: Photo Release

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For Homes/Businesses That Have Been Nominated

I accept entry into the "Nominate Your Neighbour" recognition program and understand the following conditions apply:
I will allow photographs of my home/property, as well as my name and address to be used by Wood Buffalo Communities in Bloom, as part of the promotions and activities of their Nominate Your Neighbour program – including self-guided lights of Wood Buffalo Tour.



Image Upload

Note: If you would like to update the photo(s) of your front yard that was nominated, please submit now. (Images should be in landscape orientation.) You can select multiple photos to upload simultaneously.

Select files
By checking this box, I agree that the photos of my home/property can be used in various publications to promote the Nominate your Neighbour program:

All WMZones are relaxed beginning March 19.  Follow us here for regular updates.