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BAM! — or Business Ambush — is part of the local Communities in Bloom initiative.

Each year, the national Communities in Bloom judges visit our region to grade the community on things like tidiness, floral displays, and environmental action. Wood Buffalo is ranked against other Canadian regions of similar size, like Whitby, Ont., and Ville de Drummondville, Que.

Though Wood Buffalo has scored five out of five blooms at the National Level since 2006, we still want to improve! So we are reaching out to local businesses to help increase our score in the category of Business Involvement.

In 2016, several businesses participated in the BAM and Winter BAM program. These businesses were: Meyers Norris Penney, Advantage Learning Solutions, Boreal Raven, Harvard Broadcasting, EnviroClean Dry Cleaners, Pinkney Tax and Accounting, MXC Automotive, Rogers Insurance, Red Seal Liquor, Golden Years Society, McMan Youth and Family Services, Mitchell’s Café, Stony Valley Contracting, Milada’s Beauty Studio, Choices Association of Fort McMurray, CBI Health, and Early Start Learning Centre.

Each business got a temporary storefront makeover using locally sourced materials. The goal was to illustrate the positive impact and affordability of keeping storefronts tidy and beautiful.

Why should businesses invest their time and money into an attractive storefront?

An attractive storefront will not only appeal to prospective customers and clients, but it will promote a positive image of our region. What’s more, residents and neighbours will appreciate the effort that you put into keeping the area beautiful.

What can businesses do to keep their storefronts looking great?

There are many simple and affordable things that businesses can do to improve their storefronts!

  • Sweep the front walkway and surrounding area (this will help to reduce dust, litter, and cigarette butts)
  • Keep the windows clean
  • Hang a “welcome” sign in the window
  • Display or install planter boxes. Watering and deadheading a floral display could take a little as five minutes. Bonus? Five minutes of gardening has been proven to relieve stress
  • Remove graffiti. Email to pick up a free Citizen Removal Kit
  • With permission from the property owner, consider hiring a local artist to paint a mural on the side of the building. Murals are known to deter graffiti
  • Make sure the back and sides of the building are free of debris
  • Plant low-maintenance, drought resistant shrubs. Shrubs are more permanent than flowers and will add green to your storefront
  • Invest in new signage
  • Keep grass cut to a reasonable length
  • Have a garbage bin at the front of the building (be sure to check it regularly)

Are businesses obligated to beautify their storefronts?

Businesses are not obligated to beautify their storefronts. However, all property owners should be aware of the Nuisance Property Bylaw [download it from this website], which outlines things like penalties for debris, graffiti or unkempt properties.

Are there any other beautification efforts that businesses can participate in?

We’re glad you asked. Here are a few programs that you are welcome to join:

  • Nominate Your Neighbour. Recognize a business for their beautification efforts. Businesses will get an outdoor sign and a certificate to let everyone know that they care about beautification in Wood Buffalo.
  • Adopt a Trail/Roadway/Park. By doing four litter picks in your adopted space, you can keep your surrounding business area looking spectacular. Team up with some co-workers and take on a space. Your business will get recognition signage on site, and you can help to raise money for your favourite charity.

For more information about BAM! or anything listed on this page, send us an email at

A BAM! team got to work outside CitiFinancial on Franklin Avenue July 23, 2014
BAM! work at Red Arrow
Above, the Red Arrow bus depot gets BAM!'ed July 22, 2014: Before (lower right), during and after.
BAM! work at the Centre of Hope
The BAM! crew at work July 21, 2014 at the Centre of Hope on Franklin Avenue.

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