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BAM! Business Ambush Makeover


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Nominate Your Neighbour. Recognize a business for their beautification efforts. Businesses will receive a certificate of recognition for their contributions in beautifying property and surrounding areas.

Adopt a Trail/Roadway/Park. Team up with your co-workers and maintain an adopted space during the snow free months. Participants will receive recognize signage, and have the opportunity to raise funds for a charity of choice.

BAM! – The Business Ambush Makeover program assists local businesses and organizations with beautifying their storefronts and surrounding property.

The temporary makeover showcases the impact, affordability and ease of maintaining a tidy and welcoming storefront for all to enjoy.

An attractive storefront not only promotes a positive image of your business, but also appeals to prospective and current customers. By maintaining your property on a regular basis, this encourages neighbouring businesses to follow suit and beautify their storefronts as well.

Simple ways to beautify your business:

  • Sweep storefronts, walkways and surrounding areas.
  • Clean windows, and hang a welcome sign.
  • Clean or update outdoor signage.
  • Pick up litter, and other debris around your property.
  • Provide proper bins for trash, recycling and cigarette butts.
  • Plant low maintenance shrubs, greenery and flowers beds.
  • Remove graffiti. Email to pick up a free Graffiti Removal Kit.
  • With permission from the property owner, consider hiring a local artist to paint a mural on the side of the building to deter graffiti.

Nuisance Property Bylaw

Businesses are not obligated to beautify their storefronts. However, all property owners should be aware of the Nuisance Property Bylaw, which outlines the penalties for having an unkempt and unsightly property. Graffiti, overgrowth of grass or weeds, and litter are a few examples that would be considered as part of the Nuisance Property Bylaw.


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