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Green Teen Program
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Green Teen Program

The third annual Green Teen Program has concluded. This year saw the program doubling in size from four teams to eight teams! Teams are working towards implementing their projects in 2017!

The Green Teen Program (GTP) launched in 2014 to provide youth with education, guidance and expertise to develop and implement projects they are passionate about. The program is designed to allow youth the opportunity to develop an idea and take it from conception to implementation. Team projects are intended to help improve communities by considering what they are passionate about and looking for ways to add benefits to their community. This program also provides mentor opportunities to work with each team and support team projects. This year, mentors include Leadership Wood Buffalo Alumni as well as municipal delegates.

The program spans over seven weeks allowing teams time to build on their plans and prepare for the implementation of their projects. All teams who complete the requirements of the program, will be awarded a monetary incentive to aid in funding their project. Teams presented their final project at the closing function on December 8, 2016. Please join us in congratulating our 2016 teams!

  • Fort Mc Florists: Ecole McTavish Junior High School
    The Fort Mc Florists plan to make an indoor composting project that takes place during the winter season. This will be followed by building an outdoor garden which utilizes compost in the spring. They have been working with a Horticulture Technician from the RMWB.
  • Leaf Savers: Ecole McTavish Junior High School
    The Leaf Savers plan to build a living wall for their school. They want to grow a range of foods and herbs that would be put to good use in their school’s food’s option program. They have been working with a Horticulture Technician from the RMWB.
  • Natural Flow: Ecole McTavish Junior High School
    Natural Flow plans to complete small scale soil and water sampling post-fire. They hope to determine what toxins may have been deposited and look for ways to filter them out. They have been working with Maxxam Analytics, the University of Alberta, Parkland GEO and the RMWB.
  • ECO YOLO: Ecole McTavish Junior High School
    Eco Yolo plans to replant trees that were lost due to the wildfire. They have been working with Arborists from the RMWB and the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee.
  • Z.E.M.A.R.: Bill Woodward School
    Z.E.M.A.R. has started a worm compost bin within their school. They hope to expand to have composts installed in their community. They have been working with C.P. Services and the RMWB.
  • Trofi: Westwood Community High School
    Trofi plans on releasing an app which would allow local restaurants to sell items at the end of the day for a discounted rate instead of throwing it away. They have been in touch with a number of schools throughout the province which would work to have the app expanded to their area.
  • Wood Buffalo Composting Team (W.B.C.T.): Westwood Community High School
    W.B.C.T. plans to bring composting to schools within their district and also to expand into the community. They have been working with a company called “Do It Green.”
  • S.C.U.L.P.T.: Westwood Community High School
    S.C.U.L.P.T. plans to reduce plastic waste in the community by turning plastic bottles into usable material. They have been working with Sustainable Operations from the RMWB.
Members of the 2016 Green Teen Program teams

Members of the 2016 Green Teen Program teams. [Click image for larger view.]

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer MacMullin
Community Strategies Coordinator
Phone: 780-788-4349

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