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2015 Program

The 2015 program was a resounding success with Greely Road School and St. Anne School participating. Each school received 5 raised planter boxes, soil and a variety of seeds.

Greely Road’s program was very inclusive as the entire school, from ECDP up to Grade 8, participated in the development and shared in the success of the gardens. The project was directly linked to the established curriculum and provided a project-based learning platform for students and an enriched teaching experience for the educators involved. The students grew kale, zucchini squash, marigolds, cauliflower, carrots, rutabaga, turnips, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, rhubarb, thyme and mint. At harvest time the vegetables and herbs were used to in the school’s breakfast program, to make soups and even tea! The students plan to continue the program and in 2016, hope to donate some of their crops to the local food bank now that they are accepting perishables.

St. Anne School also boasted full school participation in their program. They officially kicked things off in early June with a school-wide assembly to celebrate the start to the garden project as well as to promote environmental awareness and going green. Each grade participated the project and look forward to taking what they learned in 2015 and making 2016 even more successful.

Thank you to the teachers, students and parent volunteers for making the 2015 program such a success!

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