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Community Investment Program
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Community Investment Program


Community Investment Program Application Guidelines - 2017

2017 Final Report

Final Reporting Form

Final reporting form for:

  • Community Beautification Grant
  • Crime Prevention & Community Safety Grant
  • Joint Initiatives Grant

Community Operating Final Report

The Community Investment Program (CIP) supports a broad spectrum of programs and services by providing grant funding and agreements to community groups and non-profit organizations responsible for:

  • Delivering various recreational, cultural and social programs and services.
  • Developing and operating community facilities.
  • Organizing community events.

The CIP fulfills the Community and Protective Services Department’s (CPSD) goal of building a future with opportunities for all.

The Community Investment Program enables the Municipality to:

  • Tailor financial support to meet specific needs and priorities.
  • Broaden residents’ access to recreational, social and cultural opportunities that the Municipality either provides directly or indirectly through partnerships.
  • Build and support the capacity of community groups and non-profit organizations.

Funding Sources

CIP funding is generated through the CPSD's annual budget as well as available funding through the Community Initiatives and Games Legacy Reserve. The CIP Administrator ensures that federal and provincial requirements are adhered to (e.g., criteria for approving funding, reporting requirements).

All provincial, federal and municipal funding allocations (with the exception of capital and operating) are presented for approval to the Council-appointed Community Services Committee (CSC). Community capital and operating grants are approved by Council as a part of the annual budget process.

Like many municipalities in Alberta and Canada, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo uses a combination of direct service delivery, shared service delivery and community investment to meet residents’ demand and expectations for recreational, cultural and social programming and services.

Through the CIP, the Municipality partners with community groups and non-profit organizations to improve quality of life for all residents in the region.

As a form of checks and balances, Council ensures that ongoing operating and capital investments are efficient and effectively aligned with established priorities and goals.

Council has the responsibility to:

  • Establish the strategic direction of a CIP, and
  • Determine the level of funding that will be allocated to the program on an annual basis

Success of the CIP depends upon stakeholders working effectively and in partnership to achieve a common vision for the region. By providing grant funding and agreements to community groups and non-profit organizations, the Community and Protective Services Department:

  • Creates a sense of community
  • Increases social cohesion
  • Develops a vibrant culture
  • Improves community connectedness
  • Attracts and retains population in the region

It is critical that the CIP Administrator ensures internal and external programs, services, facilities, and events are supported financially. Moreover, it is crucial that the grant funding application process is clear, the evaluation criteria are transparent, and that groups and organizations are held accountable for how funding is spent.

Collectively, these stakeholders play active roles in the development of the region and provide opportunities for meaningful, effective partnerships.


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