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Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grant

The Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grant program provides funding to individuals, groups and organizations in partnership with a registered non-profit for projects that support crime prevention and community safety.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grant is to:

  • Improve community perceptions of safety and well-being.
  • Deliver crime prevention education and personal safety awareness training.
  • Support at-risk youth through projects that promote teamwork, leadership, citizenship, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Increase community and neighbourhood safety through projects that mobilize and support citizen groups, as well as neighbourhood and business communities.
  • Increase community collaboration with governments, law enforcement and non-profit organizations through crime prevention and community safety events.

Application Process

The 2017 Call for Applications for the Crime Preventiona nd Community Safety Grant is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Applicants may apply for grant funding up to a maximum of $10,000. Applications should include a detailed outline of budgeted costs, such as supplies and contracted services.

Recommendations are forwarded to Community Services Committee for approval. Once applications are approved, recipients are notified about the grant amount and conditions of accepting the funding.

Eligibility Guidelines

The organization applying for grant funding must:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization; or
  • Be a community group in partnership with a registered non-profit organization.

Ineligible Expenses

The following are not eligible:

  • Organizations that receive a Community Operating Grant from the Municipality.
  • Organizations that have outstanding reports for any previous grants received from the Municipality’s Community Investment Program.
  • Applications that have more than one year’s worth of unrestricted operating reserve cash.
  • Expenditures or financial commitments made before the organization's grant application was submitted.
  • Land, building or other capital purchases.
  • Operating expenses that are not directly related to the project for which the grant was awarded.
  • Travel to conferences or training courses outside of Wood Buffalo.
  • Projects that duplicate existing programs.
  • Security equipment.

Approved Uses of Grants

Grant applications must identify and address a specific community safety or crime prevention issue.

Potential projects include:

  • Training and education in areas such as identity theft, fraud awareness, bullying, violence prevention, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime-Free Multi-Housing, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.
  • Security assessments of community and non-profit facilities.
  • Crime prevention materials and events.
  • Initiatives that target at-risk groups, including seniors and youth.
  • Advertising and marketing that support positive activities for youth.
  • Initiatives that reduce victimization.
  • Conferences, summits and speakers on crime prevention and community safety within the region.

Evaluation Criteria for Assessment and Approval of Application for Funds

Category Weight
Measurable Returns 25%
Budget 25%
Partnerships and support 25%
Issue identification 25%
Total 100%

(Scores are compared with all other submissions. The maximum possible weight is 100.)

Reporting Requirements

A reporting template will be provided upon grant approval and includes:

  • Performance measurements
  • Examples of how the organization publicly recognized the Community Investment Program
  • Statement of volunteer involvement

Recipients are expected to provide an accountability report within 60 days of the end of the term.

Key Dates and Timelines

Application deadlines:

  • Call for applications – April 3, 2017
  • Application deadline – April 29, 2017
  • Grant distribution – by July 31, 2017

Recipients are required to complete their project within one year of receiving grant funding.

General Conditions

A condition of accepting funding is that the Municipality has the authority to examine successful recipients’ records at any time to ensure grant funds are being used in the manner originally agreed upon. Any funds not used for the project as described in the agreement may have to be returned.

The Municipality, in conjunction with the Community Services Committee, reserves the right to allocate Community Investment Program funding in such a manner as deemed to be in the best interest of the Municipality.


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