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Envision Wood Buffalo

Envision Wood Buffalo logoEnvision Wood Buffalo is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). An ICSP is a long-term strategic plan for municipalities. Developed by engaging with members of the community, it identifies goals for sustainability and provides direction for communities as they move into the future.

The purpose of the Envision Wood Buffalo Plan is to ensure a healthy, vibrant region that will thrive for generations to come. The Plan focuses specifically on balancing the economic, cultural, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability in the growth of the region. All municipal departments will use the document to ensure their alignment with the principles of Envision Wood Buffalo.

The Plan builds on the work completed by the Municipality in the 2006 Future Forward initiative which undertook a resident-inspired visioning process for Fort McMurray. The Municipality completed extensive public engagement sessions in rural communities as well as a survey in Fort McMurray in order to provide additional information to Envision Wood Buffalo.

The purpose of Envision Wood Buffalo is two-fold:

  1. To guide the future sustainable development of the region and its communities by balancing economic, cultural, social growth and environmental protection; and,
  2. To establish sustainability as a Council and Administrative priority.

Statement of Sustainability for Wood Buffalo

We value living in a region that is safe, healthy, inclusive of all residents and that provides local opportunities. We have a strong economy, a healthy environment, a rich culture and an abundance of social capital that together form the pillars of sustainability and contribute to quality of life and to well-being.

We strive to find balance in our economic, environmental, cultural and social systems and to live within their natural limits. We make decisions that reflect an understanding of the interdependence of these systems and consider
residents’ long term needs to ensure that the resources of today are sustainable into the future.


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