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I See You: Sawubona

Opening Night: February 15, 2019.

Please RSVP to diversity.woodbuffalo@rmwb.ca by January 29th for opening night.

Exhibit runs from Feb 15 to March 15.

Racism, discrimination and hate impose barriers on people in society. The I See You: Sawubona project invites you to immerse yourself in these stories. The project forces us to look deeper, and question if we are projecting our own biases, prejudices and fears on others. 

The project gives us an opportunity to understand by sharing stories of survivors who have endured discrimination based on their socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, race, disability and other grounds of discrimination.

Sawubona is a greeting used by the Zulu people, but the term has a deeper meaning. As explained by community leader Orland Bishop, “Sawubona” means to really see each other, to agree to explore the mutual potential for life, and to give each other what is needed for that moment in life to be enhanced. In this way, “Sawubona” is an invitation to participate in each other’s lives. 

The video exhibit runs from February 15 until March 15 at MacDonald Island Park in the main concourse. It will be open to the public, Monday to Friday from 2 pm - 8 pm, and on weekends from 11 am – 4:30 pm.  

Contact us: diversity.woodbuffalo@rmwb.ca rmwb.ca/diversity.

Tells us what you think: #Iseeyousawubona #RACIDE

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