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Quiet Room


Wood Buffalo is a diverse region that continues to strive towards inclusion and equity for all. Our residents, employees, and partners have different faiths, spiritual traditions and personal experiences.

To support these diverse needs, the RMWB in partnership with the Regional Advisory Committee on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (RACIDE) have created quiet rooms. A quiet room is available for residents and community partners who are accessing Municipal services or meetings at Jubilee Building and require space for prayer, reflection or meditation. 

Public Quiet Room Location: Jubilee Building - Room 1313 (across from the cashiers)

Quiet room guidelines: 
This space is intended for quiet contemplation, meditation, thought, and/or prayer
Be respectful of others and the space
Remove all footwear prior to entering and place near the door
Refrain from all conversation while in the room
Limit any reading of scripture or praying out loud to short verses out of respect to others using the space
Smudging, burning incense, or using any other ritual producing smoke or odour is prohibited  
Eating food or consuming beverages in the space is prohibited
Cell phone use in the space is prohibited

Please be respectful of the intended use of the quiet rooms and courteous of others using the space.  

For more information about quiet rooms, please contact diversity.woodbuffalo@rmwb.ca




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