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Urban Market Vendor Survey

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What type of vendor are you?
How many Urban Markets did you participate in as a vendor?
What best describes your business?
Overall how satisfied were you with:
(1 - Extremely satisfied
2 - Moderately satisfied
3 - Neutral
4 - Slightly Dissatisfied
5 - Extremely Dissatisfied
How has your business benefited from your involvement in the Fort McMurray Urban Market? (Click all that apply)
Do you plan to participate as a vendor next year?
What frequency would you prefer for the market?
What months would you prefer for the market? (click all that apply)
For Prepared Food Vendors, would you participate in the Urban Market if it was not classified as an approved farmer’s market?
What day would you prefer for the market?
Rank which themes you liked from most (10) to least (1)