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Parks and Recreation

  1. What recreation programs are there for adults and children?

    There are many recreatiol programs for both adults and children. For an up-to-date and complete list, please download the Recreation and Leisure Guide from the Recreation page on this website.

  2. What recreational facilities are open to the public?

    There are several recreational facilities in the region, including ball diamonds, parks and indoor facilities. For an up-to-date and complete list, please download the Recreation and Leisure Guide from the Recreation page on this website.

  3. How do I find out information about local events and festivals?

    There are several sources to check for upcoming events:

  4. Are there any skateboard parks?

    Yes. There are three skateboard parks in Fort McMurray:

    1. Downtown - Borealis Park, 10500 Morrison Street
    2. Timberlea - Syncrude Timberlea Athletic Park, 1 Carteret Drive
    3. Abasand - Athabasca Avenue (across from Abasand Cemetery)
  5. Is there a ski hill in the area?

    Vista Ridge is located 25 kilometers southeast of Fort McMurray, adjacent to Saprae Creek Estates. Vista Ridge offers skiing, snowboarding and tubing. For more information, please visit

  6. What other activities are there to do in the winter?

    The region has a variety of outdoor winter activities for residents, including cross country skiing, skating, sledding and snowmobiling.

    • For groomed trails and parks, download the Parks & Trails Map.
    • For more information on outdoor winter activities, please download the Fall/Winter Recreation and Leisure Guide from the Recreation page on this website.
  7. I would like to have an event/party in a public park. How do I book it and do I need a fire permit? Is alcohol allowed?

    Please see the Special Events Permits section of this website to fill out a special event permit application. You can also call the Facility Booking Coordinator at (780) 799-5865. Alcohol is not permitted in public parks.

  8. I want to use the band shell at Borealis Park for my event. How do I book it?

    You can fill out a Special Events Permit Application Form, which is downloadable from the Special Event Permits section.

  9. Where are the campgrounds in and around Fort McMurray?

    To see a list of campgrounds, please see Campgrounds.

  10. Is there any place to hunt or fish close to Fort McMurray?

    There are many opportunities to fish and hunt close to Fort McMurray. There is drive accessible fishing with both lodge and cabin accomodations. Also, air access to many lakes is available through independent operators. For more information, please visit Fort McMurray Tourism Fishing & Hunting.

  11. Do I need any special permits to hunt or fish?

    Yes. Valid Alberta licenses are required to both hunt and fish in our area.

    • Alberta Fishing and Hunting Regulations can be found on the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development site.
    • Licenses can be purchased at Chow’s Variety and Gregoire Esso in Fort McMurray. A valid Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) is required before purchasing the license.
  12. Where are dog parks located? Is it necessary to have your dog on a leash there?

    Yes. According to Animal Control Bylaw No. 02/031, all animals must be kept on a leash at all times. The following is a list of the off-leash dog parks in Fort McMurray:

    1. Beside the Water Treatment Plant
    2. Thickwood Park
    3. St. Gabriel School/Hinge Bay
    4. Waterways - Sitskaw Park
    Please view the Parks & Trails Map for park locations.
  13. How can I get involved and adopt a park, trail or roadway?

    There are many programs that residents can be involved that help to beautify our parks and greenspaces: Adopt-a-ParkAdopt-a-Trail / Roadway and Communities in Bloom.

  14. Where are the safe sledding hills located?

    Downtown - Dr. Clark School (Hospital Street & Franklin Avenue)

    • Thickwood - Ross Haven Drive & Rowan Street
    • Thickwood - St. Gabriel School (Signal Road & Eymundson Road)
    • Timberlea - Syncrude Timberlea Athletic Park
    • Timberlea - Harpe Heights (Harpe Way & Cartier Road)
  15. Do I need a fire permit for a fire pit?

  16. How do I apply for a fire permit?

    You can download the fire permit application form or you can drop in to Hawkins Fire Hall at 2 Tolen Drive to pick one up.

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