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Transportation and Roads

How do I report a pothole or a cracked sidewalk?

You can now report potholes or other issues you see around town using the PULSE Online system, or call the PULSE line at 780-743-7000.

When does street sweeping take place? How long will it take? Will there be major traffic delays?

Spring clean-up of streets usually begins in April. Street sweeping does not cause major traffic delays. No-Parking signs will be placed on streets prior to work commencing so that the street sweepers can access all parts of the street.

Who can I contact if the snow has not been removed from my street and it is becoming a hazard?

Contact the PULSE line at 780-743-7000.

Does the city remove snow from paved back alleys?

If time permits, paved back alleys are cleared after all other roads have been completed.

A public walk way has ice and is very slippery. Who do I contact to have salt put on it?

If the walkway is in front of a residence or business, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the walkway. If it has become a hazard, please call the RCMP/Bylaw Complaints line at (780) 788-4000.

All other sidewalks and trails are looked after by Road Maintenance Services or the Parks Department. Please use the PULSE Online form and leave your name and number so a staff member can follow up with your report if needed.

What transportation options are there for seniors and people with disabilities?

Specialized Transportation Service is an accessible door-to-door service for seniors, and those unable to board the regular transit system. See Specialized Transportation for more information including booking, hours of service and fees.

Is there a sidewalk snow clearing program for seniors available?

Yes. The Snow Angels program is a volunteer service where students from Fort McMurray School systems as well as adult members of the community shovel the personal sidewalks and driveways of seniors in need of assistance.

How do I apply for a handicap parking permit?

Service Alberta runs the Parking Placards for Persons with Disabilities program. To get a parking permit, a Parking Placard Application Form must be filled out for you by a doctor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist. Many doctors' offices will have the application form on hand, but you can also pick up an application at your local Alberta Registry Agent office .

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