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Municipal Map Viewer

Open the Municipal Map Viewer

Municipal Map Viewer

Discover Wood Buffalo from above with access to our map tool. In addition to what is usually offered on most map services, we would like to highlight the following features that we expect will be of value to you as a resident or visitor:

  • Imagery of the entire region
    You will be able to see for any spot in the region multiple images from top-down and oblique (sideways) views. Whether you want to get a heads up on where you’re heading or look for that next weekend camping or fishing spot, the imagery will be of value to you.
  • Customize your view
    We know that our internet map tool will be used by you for different purposes. To make things easier, we provide you the opportunity to customize ‘Themes’ to include only the information you want to see and save it so that it looks the same the next time you come back. Save as many themes as you like.
  • Communicate using our tool
    Do you need to show someone where to go? Do you need to plan an outdoor event and print a map? Our tool will let you easily markup the map with your information. You can then print a paper map in two paper sizes and orientations. As alternative, share your markup online by sending the internet URL address to the person you need to see your markups.
  • Desktop & Mobile
    Take our viewer with you. You can access the maps and images on your desktop, laptop, and mobile device. Our tool works well with recent versions of Internet Explorer (minimum 10), Chrome, Safari (minimum 5), and FireFox (minimum 27). We’ve tried preserve as much of your map view space as possible. It’s the same viewer but some tools or links may collapse, so please look for things like pull outs and drawers (…) that help to organize the viewspace.

Maps for Public Use (Free)

To access a number of free maps available on this site please choose from the lists below.

We welcome all your questions and feedback. Please e-mail

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