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Local Culture and Traditions

The local culture in Wood Buffalo is a rich mixture that residents contribute to every day. Here, you will find proud, welcoming, caring and giving residents who are passionate about their community. This sense of community is also shared by the local government and by companies who do business here.

Welcoming the World - A Multicultural Place

People from all backgrounds live and are welcome in Wood Buffalo – people from different ethnicity, different cultures and different circumstances all make their homes in the region. As the population has grown, so has the multiculturalism of the region. There are many associations and services in the region that share their culture with residents as well as help immigrants adjust to life in Wood Buffalo, one being the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo.

Arts & Culture

Wood Buffalo has a growing arts & culture scene, including live theatre, historical centres, cultural societies and visual arts. Outdoor festivals and local arts shows are commonplace year-round.

Aboriginal Fisherman

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is important here in Wood Buffalo, and it's a great way for residents to meet new people and create a sense of belonging.

The Municipality's Community Services department works with community groups to encourage recreation, sport and leisure. If you're interested in volunteering, you have many opportunities to choose from.

FuseSocial is a local organization that collaborates with the social profit sector in Wood Buffalo to facilitate leadership programming and coordinate volunteers for various events and committees.

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