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Garbage Collection FAQ

What day is my garbage collected?

Your garbage day depends on where you live. Please use the online Garbage Collection Schedule tool to look up the weekday for your street.

Do stat holidays affect my regular garbage collection schedule?

No. Regular waste collection stays in service on most stat holidays with the exception of Christmas and New Years Day. If your waste collection day falls on these two holidays, watch the local newspaper and listen to the radio, where you collection options will be announced.

Where should I put my garbage for pickup?

Place your waste receptacles on the curb in front of your property.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that there are no vehicles or equipment blocking the collection point?

Residents are responsible for ensuring collection points have free access by the refuse collectors at the time of collection.

When am I required to have my garbage out for pick up?

Please have your waste receptacles curb-side by 7:30 a.m. on collection day.

Are there restrictions on the amount of materials I can put into my garbage can?

Yes. Each waste receptacle should not have a total weight of more than 45 lbs. or be larger than 50 cm x 80 cm.

Why did my garbage get tagged?

Your garbage may have been tagged for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Restricted waste
  • Over weight limit of 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)
  • Exceeded limit of four containers

Is the municipality responsible for materials or items that have been accidentally collected with the rest of my refuse?

The municipality will not be responsible for any materials that have been accidentally left within three meters of a collection point.

If my garbage bags are damaged by an animal, or my waste receptacle spills, who is responsible for cleaning up debris from my property?

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and clean the property after collection service has been provided. To ensure minimal debris, please ensure all waste receptacles are securely tightened to make sure birds and other animals cannot get into them. Homeowners are also discouraged from placing their waste receptacles outside overnight before collection day.

My neighborhood is under construction and curb-side pickup has not started yet. How do I get rid of my garbage?

It is the responsibility of the area developer to supply the developing neighborhood with refuse bins until the area has been accepted by the municipality as being complete.

Do gated communities, multiplexes and townhouse complexes receive curb side refuse collection?

Refuse collection varies depending on the complex. Some may received curb side collection, while others may use a shared waste bin. To find out which applies to your complex, contact your condo board or strata council.

If I don’t receive refuse collection services from the city, will this decrease my utility bill?


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