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Approved: Anzac Area Structure Plan

The Anzac Area Structure Plan (2012) is a long-term plan guiding growth and the sustainable development of the community for the next twenty years. The Area Structure Plan is a result of collaboration and involvement of residents and other stakeholders.

The 2012 Anzac Area Structure Plan, which is consistent with the Municipal Development Plan(MDP), sets out the principles, objectives, and policies to guide growth and change and to achieve the community’s vision. The Hamlet of Anzac is identified as a Priority Growth Area in the MDP, with a projected population of 6,000 to 8,000 in twenty years.

The Area Structure Plan provides the framework for Anzac to evolve into a larger, more complete community offering a range of housing choices, commercial and institutional services, and a vibrant community core.

Please note that amendments to these plans are consolidated on a quarterly basis.

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