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Proposed: Draper Area Structure Plan


The proposed Draper Area Structure Plan is a statutory document used to guide development and define proposed land uses in Draper for the next 10 years. If approved by Council, the Draper ASP would work to:

  • Preserve and protect the natural environment
  • Support appropriate development
  • Promote community safety
  • Provide for recreational, social and cultural opportunities
  • Provide accessible and appropriate infrastructure

This proposed Draper ASP was developed based on significant engagement with the Draper community. The Municipality held seven open houses and six public engagement workshops with members of the community as well as with key stakeholder groups.  During these engagements, the Municipality record more than 400 participant collaborations for the Draper ASP which have been used to create this cohesive plan for the community.

For more information on the proposed Draper ASP, please contact Pulse at 780-734-7000.

Read the proposed Draper ASP

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