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Approved: Fort McMurray Municipal Airport Area Structure Plan

The Fort McMurray Municipal Airport Area Structure Plan (ASP) was prepared by EBA Engineering in collaboration with the Fort McMurray Airport Commission. The plan was prepared over a period of nine months with intensive public participation including round table sessions, an open house and a public hearing held December 2003. The plan was approved at a regular council meeting held on Jan. 13, 2004.

The Fort McMurray Airport ASP outlines general information for development in the ASP area as well as specifics such as the type of operations that are acceptable airside, such as flight schools and fuel operators, and groundside such as travel agents, car washes and hotels. The ASP also sets out guidelines to prevent flight obstacles and noise problems.

The plan is made available on the web for extensive viewing by the public and other interested parties. Please contact Planning and Development should you require additional information.

    Please note that the document above may not contain all amendments.

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