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Approved: Highway 63/881 Corridor Area Structure Plan

The Highway 63/881 Corridor is the southern gateway to Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Recent and continued growth in oil production (SAGD operations) south of Fort McMurray will continue to put pressures on areas along this corridor for growth and development. The Highway 63/881 Corridor Area Structure Plan outlines the future plan for development and growth along the Highway 63 and 881 Highway corridors located south of Fort McMurray.

The Highway 63/881 Corridor Area Structure Plan addresses future growth by looking at a number of issues. These include residential, commercial, industrial and recreational development, along with transportation issues, aesthetics, environmental protection and municipal infrastructure and servicing. The plan area for the corridor plan extends 1.5 kilometers on both sides of Highway 63, down to the intersection with Highway 881. The plan area then extends down Highway 881 to the Hamlet of Conklin. The plan area excludes planning for waterbodies, provincial parks, First Nations Reserve land, and areas identified in the Gregoire Lake Area Structure Plan (Ministerial Order 477/91).

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