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Southgate Area Structure Plan

The Southgate Area Structure Plan (or ASP) is a policy document that will help guide the future subdivision and development of land on the south side of Fort McMurray. 

Where is the Southgate area?

The Southgate area is located in the southern part of Fort McMurray, south of Highway 69 and east of Highway 63. The area is approximately 3,700 hectares (9,140 acres) in size. Most of Southgate is currently undeveloped and forested.

View a map of the Southgate area.

Why is an Area Structure Plan needed?

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is one of the fastest growing areas in Canada, and Area Structure Plans help us manage this growth.

The Municipality and the Government of Alberta are addressing the region's need for more industrial and commercial land. The Municipal Development Plan targeted land on the south side of Fort McMurray to accommodate industrial and commercial development, and the Province did the same. The Southlands are specific parcels of land which the Province is already selling, beginning with the Prairie Creek Business Park. With their announcement that large parts of this land would fall within the new Urban Development Sub Region (UDSR), an ASP is needed to get development going. 

View a map of the four Southlands parcels.

What are the other development opportunities on the south side of Fort McMurray?

The Southgate ASP is the first of three potential ASPs that may be created to address industrial and commercial land needs south of Fort McMurray. You can view a map of potential area developments. Please note that the Province has not indicated if and when lands within these areas may be sold.

How can I learn more?

You can download a background report for the Southgate Area Structure Plan. This report describes the vision and purpose for the Southgate ASP, as well as opportunities, constraints and other important considerations for development.

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