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Approved: Wood Buffalo Estates Area Structure Plan

The primary objective of the Wood Buffalo Estates Area Structure Plan is to provide a framework for the development of this site in a manner that is consistent with the goals and objective of the community. lt is intended to guide the future development of Wood Buffalo Estates, a low-density single-family residential subdivision with opportunities to introduce multi-family development and higher-density single-family development if market conditions permit. It establishes the future land use patterns of the area and provides details respecting proposed servicing, roads and open space.

Wood Buffalo Estates is located at the west end of the Fort McMurray Urban Service Area. The site is bounded to the west by proposed development, to the south by an undeveloped road allowance, to the north by Thickwood Boulevard, to the northwest and southwest by Real Martin Drive. Low-density residential neighbourhoods, schools and recreational uses arc located to the east of the plan area.

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