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City Centre Area Redevelopment: Waterfront Program



The 2012 Waterfront Program is the culmination of several recent planning efforts with extensive public consultations, including the following:  

  •  2012 City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan
  •  2011 Municipal Development Plan
  •  2010 Waterways Area Redevelopment Plan 
  •  2009 Lower Townsite Area Redevelopment Plan 
  •  2009 Riverfront Master Plan 

More than 15,000 community comments helped shape and lay the framework for the Municipal Development Plan and City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan. 

The vision of the Waterfront Program is to provide a series of design principles, site programming options, and actions that will create a vibrant, safe and comfortable public open space for year-round enjoyment along our City's waterfront. 

View the Waterfront Program or click below for the downloadable PDF. 



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