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Regional Emergency Services' FireFit Team

Regional Emergency Services has been putting together competitive FireFit teams for a number of years. FireFit is a national skills championship for firefighters.   

The FireFit championships began in 1994 with a single event in Vanvouver, BC. Since then FireFit has expanded across Canada.  

There are five tasks that make up a FireFit race. These tasks are similar to those performed by a firefighter during everyday work at an actual fire:  

  • 1st Task: Six-flight stair climb with a 42-pound high-rise pack
  • 2nd Task: 45-pound hose-hoist from the top of a fire tower
  • 3rd Task: Forcible entry
  • 4th Task: Full-charged hose advance of 75 feet and hit a target
  • 5th Task: 165-pound victim rescue at 100 feet. (A time of less than 2 minutes in the individual event is considered excellent!) 

There are three categories in FireFit: individual, relay, and NXG2.

As an individual competitor, you complete all five stages of the FireFit race. Individuals race head-to-head to make competition exciting and motivating.

In the relay, three-to-five person teams complete the five stages of FireFit. This is fast, fun and a good way to get your feet wet.

The NXG2 relay is a two-person technical event and features a cylinder exchange at the halfway point. This event is fast but demands concentration and teamwork. Each team member does one half of the course (front or back) and works together to complete the cylinder exchange.

With a new fire tower built in 2012 and the ability to train for the entire FireFit course, the future looks promising.