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Thank you flood volunteers

Over 750 people volunteered during the 2020 spring flood and its immediate aftermath. And that figure only includes people who registered – countless more did not register.

The Municipality is doing what it can to recognize the tireless and important efforts of volunteers, by encouraging residents to show their gratitude. Thanking a volunteer is easy – it doesn’t take long. Call, text, instant message, wave. Thank them in person; just make sure to keep two metres’ distance. It makes a difference. 

During the flood

Volunteers contributed in many ways – they provided support at reception centres, helped to protect critical infrastructure like the hospital and Heritage Park, among many other gestures.

After the flood

In the days after the flood, volunteers helped evacuees remove items from their flooded homes and businesses. Others provided meals. They all deserve our gratitude.

"Thank you" in other languages

  • Cree - Kinanaskomitin
  • Dene - Marsi cho
  • French - Merci
  • Michif - Merci-hiy hiy and Marsi


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