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Hearing Process

All hearings will be held at Jubilee Center, 9909 Franklin Avenue, in the Council Chamber or an alternate location of which you will be notified by the Clerk.

Your Notice of Hearing will provide you with the date and time of the hearing. When you arrive, check in with the Clerk so the Board is aware that you are present.  The hearing will begin at the time noted and will start even if the parties are not present.

The Presiding Officer will commence the hearing and give a brief overview of what will occur: 

  1. You will make your presentation to the Board, including calling any witnesses that you my have.  Once all of your evidence is presented the Board may ask questions for clarification.
  2. Next the Respondent will present their evidence, including calling any witnesses, and the Board may ask questions for clarification of points. 
  3. Then you are given a chance to disprove any evidence provided by the Respondent.
  4. You will present your closing summary.
  5. Respondent will present their closing summary.
  6. The Presiding Officer will confirm that both parties have presented their cases and will adjourn the hearing.

After the hearing is complete the Board will discuss all evidence presented and will make a decision regarding your complaint.  The Board will not present any decision on the day of the hearing; you will receive written notification within 30 days of the Board’s decision and the reasons forming that decision. 

The current legislation governing the Assessment Review Boards is contained in Part 11 of the Municipal Government Act and Alberta Regulation 310/2009 - Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints.  This legislation sets out procedures and timelines that complainants must follow when submitting a complaint. 

If you do not adhere to these procedures and guidelines, the result may be that your complaint is invalid.

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