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Hearing Notice, Agendas and Decisions

Meetings of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board are held in the Council Chambers of Jubilee Centre, 9909 Franklin Ave., Fort McMurray. Below is the upcoming hearing notice, Board agendas and related hearing documents. For further information on hearings, contact the clerk of the board by phone (780-743-7000), fax (780-743-2028) or email (SDAB@rmwb.ca).

Any persons wishing to make a presentation to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or wishing to submit written comments must submit them to the Clerk of the Board on or before 4 p.m. the day prior to the hearing.

Notice: The RMWB, in compliance with Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, has removed some personal information from the hearing documents below under the authority of section 17(1) of the FOIP Act, which stipulates that the Municipality must refuse disclosure of personal information of a third party if that disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of that third party’s personal privacy. The pages that have had information severed from them for this reason are annotated with the FOIP Act s.17(1) clause to indicate the legislative authority for the severing. If you have questions or concerns over the removal of this information please contact: Ronald Pelletier, Senior FOIP Officer, Legislative Services, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, email ron.pelletier@rmwb.ca, phone 780-743-7000.

2019 Agendas and Decisions

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Date Agendas Appeal  Hearing Documents Decisions
 Jul. 18, 2019 6:30pm  SDAB Agenda - July 18, 2019

SDAB 2019-001 – 118 Hill Drive
Appeal against the Refusal of an application for a Variance of the height of an accessory building.

SDAB 2019-003 - 118 Hill Drive
Appeal against the Refusal of an application for variance of the area of an accessory building

Hearing 2019-001, 118 Hill Drive

Hearing 2019-003, 118 Hill Drive 

 June 20, 2019
Agenda SDAB 2019-002 – 277 Hillcrest Drive

Against the approval of Development Permit 2019-DP-00097, an application for a two-bedroom basement suite.


 Hearing 2019-002 - 277 Hillcrest Drive  

 Decision 2019-002

January 10, 2019
6:30 p.m.


SDAB 2018-008 – 19 Riedel Street
An appeal against the refusal of Development Permit 2018-DP-00650, for a Change in Use (Cannabis Retail Store).

SDAB 2018-009 – 4 – 310 Thickwood Boulevard
An appeal against the approval of Development Permit 2018-DP-00651, for a Change in Use (Cannabis Retail Store). 

Hearing 2018-008 - 19-Riedel Street

Hearing 2018-009 - 4-310 Thickwood Boulevard

Decision 2018-008

Decision 2018-009

Past Agendas and Decisions