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2. Council Policies

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Overall Observations

Thirteen instances where no documented evidence of Council policies or administrative procedures could be provided were noted, including performance management, severance, and whistleblower activities. Additionally, thirteen instances were noted where existing policies and procedures lacked sufficient design and / or documentation and one instance where procedure included a policy and procedure statement. The findings noted comprised of a number of areas of scope, indicating a potential where this issue may be more widespread that our current findings.

The Municipality should:

  • Review the gap areas noted in our report;
  • Develop and implement relevant policy and / or procedure;
  • Communicate and train employees on new and updated procedures to ensure these areas are well understood; and,
  • Create mechanisms for Administration to monitor where updates are not well understood or not being complied with.

Quick Summary of Specific Findings

  1. Lack of whistleblower policy
  2. Non-compliance with Delegation Order
  3. Out of date code of conduct
  4. Lack of employee performance management policy or procedure
  5. Lack of severance policy and procedure
  6. Lack of learning for all policy or procedure
  7. Insufficient policy and procedure on attendance at political fundraisers
  8. Implementation of grant procedure
  9. Other policies and procedures

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