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1. Governance

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Overall Observations

“Tone from the top” is not always clear or consistent in terms of what is messaged or how the messaging is provided. Councillors and Administration are frustrated by the current Council and Committee structure, reporting relationships from Administration to Council, and the adequacy and timeliness of information received from Administration.

The Municipality should develop a clear and consistent “Tone from the top”, review the current Council and Committee structure, including reporting relationships, and clearly define what information is required by Council and at what frequency.

Quick Summary of Specific Findings

  1. Tone from the top is not clear or consistent
  2. Structure of relationship between Council and Administration requires enhancement
  3. Inconsistent and undefined expectations about information to be provided by Administration to Council
  4. Lack of clarity of Council expectations for External Audit function
  5. No documented process to support Administrations annual representation with respect to internal controls
  6. Lack of clarity of relationship between Council and Municipal Auditor Function

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