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Proclamation Request Form

Proclamation Request Form Online

Proclamation Request Form

Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor that recognize important issues, social profit events, arts and cultural celebrations, special occasions or honours on a specific day, week or month.

Sample Proclamation for your reference

Please note that Proclamations are strictly honourary and are not endorsements for an event, cause or program. Proposed proclamations may be edited as required by the Office of the Mayor.

Proclamations are issued and declared at the discretion of the Mayor.


Proclamations must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • The requesting organization/sponsoring agency must be a recognized charitable and/or social profit organization;
  • The cause be an initiative of the RMWB;
  • The cause must be one of benefit or significance to the majority of RMWB residents;
  • The cause be of national significance; and
  • The requesting organization must be based in the RMWB, have a local chapter or a locally-based contact representing the organization.

Proclamations are public service documents and not intended for marketing purposes or commercial promotion and, when used to promote an awareness campaign, must be kept in their original form. They are strictly honourary and are not endorsements for a cause or program. Requests must be initiated by a representative of an organization. Individual or personal requests are not considered.

Please include the name and contact details of the requesting organization, all the necessary background information and the date when you need the proclamation. Please note that we require 4-6 weeks to review and prepare your proclamation for pick up.

Your request will be reviewed to confirm that it meets the criteria outlined above. The Office of the Mayor may contact you during the review process for further clarification.

Once your proclamation request is complete, you will be contacted to confirm pick up. In cases where the request is denied, an email will be sent to the contact provided.

Generally, proclamations are presented at a Council meeting in advance of the event. The Mayor does not typically present proclamations during events. If you prefer to invite the Mayor to your event instead of receiving a proclamation, kindly complete the Invite the Mayor form.

If you would like a Message from the Mayor for your event, please complete the Request a Message from the Mayor form.