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Boards and Committees

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Council has established a number of Boards and Committees that serve the Wood Buffalo community in a volunteer capacity. These Boards help to advise and inform the Mayor and Councillors on matters that impact the public, giving residents access and input with decision makers in government.

The Municipality’s Legislative Services department carries out an annual recruitment drive for volunteers to serve on Council-appointed Boards and Committees. Members of the public are encouraged to submit an application for consideration as a volunteer on one of the various Boards and Committees.

Learn more about the Board and Committee appointment process.

Qualities of a good volunteer

A good volunteer is:

  • Eager and motivated
  • Committed to improving Wood Buffalo for the benefit of their community
  • Committed to the demands of a Committee’s meeting schedule.
  • A team player and can work independently for a common cause
  • Able to voice their own opinion clearly and carefully consider an opposing view
  • Someone who strives for consistency and reliability in serving their Board or Committee
  • Someone who has valuable experience or expertise that will add value to discussion on the Boards and Committees
For more information please contact Legislative Services at BoardsandCommittees@rmwb.ca.-->

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