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Assessment Review Boards

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The Assessment Review Boards are quasi-judicial boards that are established to hear appeals regarding assessment notices and tax notices (other than property tax) and make decisions on these appeals in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act.

Time Commitment

  • Hearings can take place at any time throughout the year, but the majority are typically held during the months following the mailing of annual assessments (August-November).
  • Meetings are currently held in the evenings and weekends on an as-needed basis.


Mandatory training is provided though the Government of Alberta and must be completed after being appointed to the Assessment Review Board.


  • Must be 18 years of age;
  • Must not be an employee of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo;
  • Must not be an assessor;
  • Must not be an agent;
  • Must complete mandatory training provided by the Government of Alberta after being appointed to the Assessment Review Board; and
  • Must have strong communication skills (written and verbal).


  • Working knowledge of administrative tribunals
  • Analytical and problem solving skills with a strong sense of fairness;
  • The ability to commit to the required time;
  • Strong verbal communication skills;
  • An understanding of accounting/financial/economic principles;
  • An understanding of the assessment process, including market value and business or real estate valuation;
  • Administrative and municipal law experience in the public and private sectors.


  • Attend hearings and draft boards written orders;
  • Potentially act as a Presiding Officer at hearings. The Presiding Officer directs the hearing, ensures proper processes and administrative law are followed, and facilitates the process for board members to reach decisions;
  • Reviewing, analyzing and weighing written and oral evidence submitted by the parties.

Further information about the Assessment Review Board may be obtained by contacting Sonia Soutter, Legislative Officer at sonia.soutter@rmwb.ca or 780-788-2222.

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