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Fort McMurray Airport Authority


The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is responsible to manage and operate the Fort McMurray Airport. As an authority under the Airport Authorities Act, it will operate at arms’ length from the Municipality; however the Municipality, as an appointer, has the responsibility to appoint three members to the Authority. Along with the Municipality, the Oil Sands Developers Group Association, Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1505 are also appointers to the Authority. Appointed Directors are expected to act in responsible and ethical manner abiding by the applicable act (Regional Airports Authority Act, Appendix I By-law) and Board regulations. The Board has a policy for the recruiting process whereby the Chair will contact the appointers early in the process with suggestions of the type of background that would add value to the mix of current board skills and capabilities.

Board Description

The Board is comprised of 8 Directors selected by Appointers and 2 at large Directors selected by the Board itself, Board Committees are selected by the Board based on Directors skill set, qualifications and committee requirements. The Board members can be assigned to more than one committee. Each committee has 3 members, one of whom is a Chairman Committee. Presently formed committees are:

  • Governance Committee (permanent);
  • Audit Committee (permanent); and
  • Capital Project Committee (special/project related).


In keeping with the Regional Airports Authorities Regulation, a person is NOT qualified to be or to continue to be a director

  1. unless he is an individual of adult age;
  2. if he has the status of bankrupt;
  3. if he is a member of Parliament, of the Senate, of any Legislative Assembly or of the council of a municipality;
  4. if he is a person employed, whether under a contract of service or a contract for services, in the public service of any national, provincial, state, regional or local government;
  5. if, within the immediately preceding 5 years, he has been convicted of
    1. an indictable offence that is of a kind that is related to the qualifications, functions or duties of a corporate director, or
    2. an offence against the Act, and either the time for making an appeal has expired without the appeal’s having been made or the appeal has been finally disposed of by the courts or abandoned;
  6. he is a dependent adult as defined in the Depend Adults Act or is the subject of a certificate of incapacity under that Act;
  7. if he is a formal patient as defined under the Mental Health Act;
  8. if he has been found to be a person of unsound mind by a court elsewhere than in Alberta;
  9. if he contravenes section 21 or his associate engages in any activity that, if performed by that person himself, would be a contravention section 21(1), (2), or (3);
  10. if, being a director of an authority, he has failed to attend the type or number of board or committee meetings, or a combination thereof, specified in the articles;
  11. if his membership on the board results or would result in a contravention of section 14(4) of the Act.

In keeping with the Petition of the Incorporators of the Fort McMurray Airport Authority, a person is not qualified to be a Director if that person is absent from four consecutive Board meetings unless the absence is authorized by a resolution of the Board at any time prior to the conclusion of the third Board meeting at which that person is absent.


Board members are required to attend meetings. Failure to attend any combination of three (3) consecutive Board or Committee meetings will result in the Board Chair discussing continued tenure with the Director’s Appointer.

Time Commitment

The Board and the Committees meet five times per year. Each Board member is expected to serve on a committee and participate in annual retreats, appointer, public and special meetings.

Further information about the Fort McMurray Airport Authority may be obtained by contacting R.J. Steenstra, President and Chief Executive Officer, at 780-793-8984.

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