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RMWB Combative Sports Commission

The RMWB Combative Sports Commission are posting their March 18 meeting.



To enhance the quality, safety and reputation of Combative Sports Events.


Exceptional Combative Sports Events.


Integrity – in all decisions
Safety – for all athletes and fans
Community – benefits and inclusion

Contact Us

RMWB Combative Sports Commission
P.O. Box 30051 Clearwater PO
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 0B8


About the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Combative Sports Commission:


  • To advise, promote, participate in and foster the development of standardized combative sports programs, policies and procedure.
  • To create proactive strategies regarding combative sports.
  • To develop strategies to remove barriers and address issues of combative sports.
  • To foster and promote awareness of combative sports in the region.
  • To review and evaluate event permits for individuals or groups engaged in combative sports and make recommendations through Administration to Council accordingly.
  • To submit an annual report and budget to Council.
  • To encourage the hosting of combative sports events and programs in the region.


Promoters, contestants, or individuals involved in the business of combative sports are not eligible to serve on the Commission unless one (1) year has passed from the last date the individual participated in an event, or any similar event in the Province of Alberta, unless Council otherwise directs.


In accordance with the Combative Sports Commission, members are appointed for terms of up to two (2) years. Council appoints seven (7) members to the Commission, including:

  • One (1) member with law enforcement knowledge or experience
  • One (1) member with financial knowledge and experience
  • Two (2) members with combative sports knowledge and experience
  • Three (3) members of the public-at-large


  • Commitment to the Commission and any associated work
  • Serve on and/or chair sub-committees when necessary
  • Attendance at regular, special and sub-committee meetings
  • Support of, and participation in, presentations and special events

Monthly Time Requirements

  • Preparation, reading, research: 3 hours
  • Committee meetings: 2 hours
  • Members may also be required to attend additional event based meetings.

Further information about the Combative Sports Commission, may be obtained by contacting Community Strategies at or 780-743-7966.

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