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Regional Recreation Corporation Board

The Regional Recreation Corporation Board provides governance and oversight to the corporation as it develops and delivers comprehensive recreation and sport initiatives throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Increasing demand for recreation and sports facilities across the region will see this volunteer board initially build new infrastructure in Fort McMurray (Timberlea), Anzac, Fort Chipewyan and Conklin; and work towards providing a consistent level of quality experience across the various communities, while remaining responsive to appropriate adaptations for each community. The facilities and programs of this corporation will lie at and be a foundation for the “heart and soul” of each community.

This not-for-profit corporation will leverage the experience and excellence achieved with MacDonald Island Park (MIP) over the past few years. Development of services in cooperation with various amateur sport and recreation associations will require volunteer board members with broad business, entrepreneurial, financial, recreation, and organizational design acumen, plus a commitment to listen to and engage with community members.


Board members will need to be individuals accomplished across a number of expertise areas and able to systems-think regionally, consider strategic decisions across various operational domains, and bring a refined understanding of governance practices to the role.

Time Commitment

Board members will attend approximately one board meeting per month, serve on at least one Board Committee, and dedicate time to preparing for meetings, understanding the business, trends and issues in sport/recreation/communities, as well as being available to meet with and engage community members. Board members should be prepared to commit approximately two days/month (12-18 hours).

Travel assistance is available for members who are required to travel to Fort McMurray.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older;
  • Must not have the status of bankrupt;
  • Must not have been found to be mentally incompetent or of unsound mind by a court; and
  • Must not have been convicted of an indictable or criminal offence involving fraud.

Learn more about the Regional Recreation Corporation Board

Additional information about the Regional Recreation Corporation may be obtained by contacting Sonia Soutter, Legislative Officer, at sonia.soutter@rmwb.ca or 780-743-7001.

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