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Wood Buffalo Development Advisory Committee


To advise municipal administration and Council on local development initiatives, including development and construction issues, community-based issues, public engagement activities and region-wide economic priorities.

To deal with all matters referred to it by Council and on its own initiative, deal with matters that are within its mandate


Individuals with a strong business acumen and a desire to see local development initiatives flourish.

Identified Initiatives

The Development Advisory Committee will:

  1. research how Council, municipal administration and the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation (WBEDC) currently work with business developers to build and develop new businesses and expand existing ones and recommend changes that will improve the overall business and economic environment of the Municipality.
  2. review current requirements for the development of commercial properties set out in the Municipality’s Land Use Bylaw (including the sign provisions), and other applicable bylaws to help identify areas of assistance for small businesses along with ways that the Municipality, WBEDC and the business community can evaluate and track continuous improvements in the local business environment.
  3. provide guidance and recommendations to help the Municipality attract and retain business and increase economic activity in the region.
  4. engage with the public and provide feedback on the Municipality’s processes with a view to reducing “red-tape” where possible and decreasing barriers to development in the region.
  5. identify and recommend investment opportunities and incentives to encourage and facilitate development in the Municipality.
  6. support the Municipality in its desire to build relationships with various sectors, networks and individuals in the community to gain input and benefit from the experience of others in the region.
  7. assist the Municipality engage with members of the public who may have been underrepresented in past planning processes, to ensure that everyone in the region has an opportunity to participate in its development in a meaningful way.
  8. the municipality’s bylaws and recommend changes to the regulatory framework with a view to encouraging economic and small business development in the Municipality.
  9. will provide recommendations and advice to Council that are consistent with improving the overall business and economic environment of the Municipality and supporting the initiatives outlined in Council’s strategic plan.

Meeting Frequency

The Committee establishes its own meeting schedule and will endeavor to hold one meeting a month.

Affecting Legislation

Committees Bylaw 17/024

Term Limit

2 Year Terms


13 in total from the public-at-large with knowledge of and experience in the following local sectors:

  • 2 – Business community;
  • 2 – Land Development industry;
  • 1 – Oil and Gas industry;
  • 1 – Health & Wellness field;
  • 1 – Affordable Housing sector;
  • 1 – Arts, Culture and Recreation sector;
  • 1 – Education sector;
  • 1 – Community Development sector; and
  • 3 – Public-at-Large members.

Members will not be expected to represent a sector or organization but are expected to have knowledge and experience with issues that impact the interests of the sector. Public-at-large members will possess skills, local experience, interests, or geographic or demographic representation that would support strategic planning and land use development in the Municipality

Additional information about the Wood Buffalo Development Advisory Committee may be obtained by contacting Sonia Soutter, Legislative Officer, at sonia.soutter@rmwb.ca or 780-743-7001.

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