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Wood Buffalo Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee


Membership will include:
  • 1 – Council Member appointed as non-voting liaison; 
11 voting members:
1 – Land Development industry;
2 – Business Community;
1 – Education Sector;
1 – Oil and Gas industry;
1 – Indigenous Representative;
1 – Recreation, Culture and Heritage;
1 – Seniors Representative;
1 – Community Development sector;
1 – Safety and Security sector;
1 – Public-at- Large members.
Members will not be expected to represent a sector or organization but are expected to have knowledge and experience with issues that impact the interests of the sector.
The primary residence of all Committee members must be within the boundaries of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

Term of Appointment:3 years, with initial terms of appointment being 2 or 3 years to allow for Committee continuity.
Appointment Process:Recruitment for members of the Wood Buffalo Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee (WBDRAC) will be conducted in accordance with Council’s Selection Committee Policy. The Chief Administrative Officer will be responsible for reviewing applications and making recommendations to Council regarding appointments to the Committee.

Committee End Date:The WBDRA Committee has been established by Council with a specific mandate to advise and make recommendations to Council on downtown revitalization. The Committee’s mandate and continuing relevance will be regularly reviewed by Council and not less than once during each Council’s four-year term. The WBDRAC may be dissolved by Council at any time.

Mandate:To make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to Downtown Revitalization.
To provide a timely and considered response to Council to all downtown revitalization matters referred to the WBDRAC by Council.

Identified Initiatives:The Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee will:
review the history of downtown Fort McMurray, its current state, current development progress and plans by reviewing information provided by administration and participating in self-guided tours of the downtown;
engage with the public and stakeholders as well as administration to become familiar with current use, challenges and future opportunities of downtown Fort McMurray;

engage with members of the public to ensure that everyone in the Region has an opportunity to participate in the revitalization of downtown Fort McMurray in a meaningful way;

review and provide feedback on Land Use Bylaw and policy changes that affect downtown and other areas referred to the Committee for review and comment;

provide recommendations on direction for phasing and timing of revitalization and enhancement projects;
provide recommendations related to public engagement for the various revitalization projects to be conducted;
promote initiatives to raise public and special interest awareness and support for the ongoing downtown revitalization and related projects;

review and propose funding source options within recommended initiatives for consideration, including but not limited to, corporate sponsorship, community partnerships, grants, and funding sources from other levels of government, and/or municipal funding;

review and make recommendations on proposed changes to Municipal infrastructure in areas identified for downtown revitalization and enhancement, including sidewalks, walkways, parks, landscaping, traffic circulation, banners, parking, street furniture.

The Committee will not participate in operational matters respecting the Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

The Committee will deal with any additional matters referred to it by the Council or by any other Council committee whose membership includes only Councillors.
The Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee will endeavor to hold one meeting per month. Frequent meetings may be required during initial Committee start up and during key critical path development.

Reporting:Where the Committee wishes to make a recommendation or provide advice to Council, the matter will be submitted and considered through Council’s agenda review and approvals process. Any requests by the Committee to provide recommendations and advice for presentation to Council will be approved at the Municipality’s discretion. On an annual basis, the Committee will work with municipal administration to prepare an annual report to Council summarizing its progress. 

Additional information about the Wood Buffalo Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee may be obtained by contacting Sonia Soutter, Legislative Officer, at sonia.soutter@rmwb.ca or 780-743-7001.

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