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Make a Presentation to Council

Citizens’ involvement in civic government is an essential part of the democratic process and there are many ways in which you can voice your concerns and become involved.

Individuals or groups wanting to be placed on the agenda at a Council meeting must submit either a letter of request clearly outlining the subject matter to be discussed and the action being requested of Council, or a Presentation Request Form (above). All requests should be typed or legibly written, signed, and include a full return mailing address.

The request is then reviewed by the Agenda Review Committee (comprised of the Mayor, Regional Manager, and Chief Legislative Officer). It may be placed on a future Council Agenda, referred to a standing committee, referred to administration for investigation and preparation of a report, or declined.

For more information on communicating with Council, please contact Legal and Legislative Services at 780-743-7000

Send completed Council Presentation Request Forms to:

Chief Legislative Officer
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
9909 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4
Fax: 780-743-7028
Email: legislative.assistants@rmwb.ca

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