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Cultural Mapping

Discover culture in your community with the interactive Culture Map!

What is Cultural Mapping?

Cultural Mapping is the identification, classification and mapping of cultural resources existing in a community. It includes tangible assets such as cultural industries, facilities and spaces, as well natural and cultural heritage, public art and places of religious assembly.

Why is the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo pursuing Cultural Mapping?

Arts, culture and history play an important role in community identity, quality of life and economic vitality. Cultural Mapping is a vital step in integrating culture within all decision-making and strengthening in the cultural sector. Some benefits include:

  • Raising awareness of the community cultural assets among residents, visitors and tourists;
  • Identifying strengths, gaps, needs and opportunities in the cultural sector that can be integrated into community goals and priorities;
  • Establishing partnerships to secure our cultural vitality;
  • Providing an organized and strategic approach for gathering and presenting cultural resource information;

The work of culture mapping is never complete. Just as our region grows and changes, so will the cultural assets within the region. The database will be updated every three months to reflect the changes in the community, based on information received from the community. We invite everyone to explore the Culture Map, and use the online feedback form to tell us what you think and contribute to its ongoing development!

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