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Definitions of Culture Asset Mapping Categories

Community Cultural Organizations

This resource includes organizations that represent arts, heritage and ethno-cultural interests in the community. These are usually non-profits that are essential to the cultural vitality of the community and can include committees, associations, councils, dance schools and boards.

Cultural Events and Festivals

This resource represents recurring cultural activities. Festivals and events contribute to the animation of public and natural spaces by bringing entertainment, new experiences, and economic impacts to the community. These can include performing arts events, tours of culturally significant places, seasonal celebrations and many others.

Cultural Facilities and Spaces

This resource represents facilities, spaces and sites where cultural activities take place. These can include spaces in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and include everything from purpose-built facilities to facilities that include cultural programming.

Assets can include: Art galleries, art studios, dance studios, farms/orchards and gardens and forests, green space and parks, leisure centers and community halls, libraries, museums, theatres/performing centers.

Cultural Heritage

This resource represents significant cultural heritage sites or resources. It can include exhibition of objects, buildings and sites of historical, cultural and educational value, and archive collections that help pay tribute to the community’s past.

Assets Include: Provincial historic sites and buildings, heritage villages and museums, monuments and memorials, plaques, scenic destinations. Listing a Cultural Heritage Asset on the Culture Map does not provide protection, preservation or designation.

Cultural Industries

This resource represents a wide range of cultural businesses and non-profit groups engaged in the creation and production of cultural goods or services. It can include creative design, radio broadcasting, book and music stores and many others.

Assets can include: Art Galleries and dealers, book, periodical and music stores, graphic design, advertising and related services, libraries and heritage institutions, educational institutions, performing arts, publishing, radio and television broadcasting.

Natural Heritage

This resource represents significant natural areas in the community. Assets such as trails, rivers, parks, botanical and community gardens and conservation areas offer rich cultural, recreational and community experiences.

Assets can include: local parks, trails and waterways.

Places of Religious Assembly

This resource is a list of places of religious assembly (e.g. Churches, mosques, temples, etc) within the community that offer space for community functions.

Public Art

This resource is a list of physical works of art and cultural property installed in public spaces. It can include graffiti murals, other designated murals, sculptures, art nodes and street furniture.

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