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Mural Program

Upcoming Public Workshops

Join us for a free workshop hosted by local artist Liam Renner. Liam will discuss his art work, demonstrate techniques and answer questions. Participants may even have the opportunity to make their own mark on the mural!

The next public workshops will be held: 
Saturday, September 15 from 1 - 2 p.m. 
Sunday, September 16 from 1 -  2 p.m.

For further inquiries, please contact recreationandculture@rmwb.ca.

Artists Daniel J. Kirk and Ivan Ostapenko transform a retaining wall in Lions Park

Launched in 2012, the Mural Project aims to deter graffiti while infusing the community with public art.

If you have any questions about this program, please send an e-mail to recreationandculture@rmwb.ca.

Parsons Creek Bridge Mural

The Parsons Creek Bridge has been chosen for the next public art mural location.

The proposed mural would be the seventh one installed in Fort McMurray and is aimed at deterring graffiti while infusing the community with public art.

Parsons Creek Bridge Mural concept 1

[Click on the image to view the gallery]

Local artist Liam Renner has been chosen to complete this year’s mural. Liam describes his design as “positive with warm summer vibes and a beautiful colour scheme, with the goal of creating energy all year round.”

The proposed mural would be installed during the months of August and September. The mural will be covered in an anti-graffiti coating to preserve the art. During installation of the mural, the artist will host a free workshop open to all residents. Details about the workshop will be posted online at rmwb.ca/mural.

There will be no road closures or disruption of Rainbow Creek Drive or Heritage Drive.

Share feedback and learn more about the Public Art Mural Program on Monday, July 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Parsons Creek Bridge.

2017: Timberlea Community Park Murals

In July 2017, artists Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane Willburn created a series of murals on the storage sheds at Timberlea Community Park, adding an element of public art to this high-traffic, multi-use community space.

2017 Mural

Graffiti Abatement Mural

[Click on the Image to view the Gallery]

2016: Bob Lamb Bandstand Mural

Residents witnessed the unveiling of the municipality's fifth mural on Saturday, Sept. 10, at the Bob Lamb Bandstand in Borealis Park. The creator of the mural on the Bob Lamb Bandstand was artist Giuseppe Percivati.

Bob Lamb Bandstand

2015: Lions Park Mural

The 2015 mural is located at Lions Park (3 Tolen Dr.) under the Prairie Loop Boulevard bridge.

Painted by returning artists Daniel J. Kirk and Ivan Ostapenko from Calgary, the fourth installment of the Mural Project was unveiled Sept. 18, 2015.

Lions Park mural

The 2015 mural at Lions Park.

2014: Beacon Hill Pump House Mural

Beacon Hill mural

The mural on the Beacon Hill pump house (next to the Frank Lacroix Arena) was unveiled June 13, 2014. On hand were artists Daniel Kirk and Ivan Ostapenko of Calgary.

2013: Father Turcotte School Mural

Father Turcotte mural

The 2013 mural was painted by Toronto artist Uber5000, at Father Turcotte O.M.I School.

2012: Composite High School Mural

Composite High School mural

The 2012 mural was installed behind Composite High School, by artist Wil Yee (with the help of Composite High students).

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