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Public Art Survey

Public Art Wood Buffalo wants your input for future projects

Public art contributes to the quality of life through the display of art that responds to a community’s culture, its rich history and its unique vision. When placed appropriately, public art can enliven parks and streetscapes, inspire conversation, create a sense of belonging and be a catalyst for tourism, while stimulating economic growth. This is why Council identified the inclusion of public art as Strategic Priority 3f in the RMWB 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

Parks and open spaces, public institutions, civic facilities, gateways and intersections, as well as areas of cultural significance are prominent sites where public art can be displayed. When considering the inclusion of public art at these sites, a variety of other variables need to be taken into consideration such as appropriate subject matter, pedestrian traffic, land ownership, visibility, accessibility, future maintenance, and more.

The region of Wood Buffalo is vast and the possibilities to display public art are limitless. Public Art Wood Buffalo has identified a short list of areas for future public art installations based on previous public consultation and other variables, as mentioned above.

Deadline to vote: March 5, 2019
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1. Please rank the top five most impactful areas you would like to see public art displayed in Wood Buffalo:
3. Public art is defined as art placed in the public realm that is free and accessible for all to experience. From sculptures to murals to performing arts, public art can take several forms. We want to know what you want to see more of? (Choose all that apply):


Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.