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Past igNIGHT Gallery


2019 Exhibition Dates: Friday, September 27 to Sunday, October 6

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This year’s theme is GINORMOUS. Inspired by the region of Wood Buffalo and its reputation for large scale living, the term ginormous can be applied to many facets of living in this northern community. From its vast landscape and extensive natural resources to its massive trucks and generous people, Wood Buffalo is a place that embodies the magnitude of this word. 
A term that can describe a multitude of things of grandeur, the Public Art Committee of Wood Buffalo invites artists to submit proposals that explore GINORMOUS in ways that engage the viewers and tantalize the imagination.

Purpose: igNIGHT is a temporary public art exhibition that aims to encourage public art initiatives in ways that engage the interest and imagination of the general public. This exhibition aspires to collaborate with the local arts community to produce a biannual event unique to Wood Buffalo using illuminated public art pieces at the heart of the exhibition.

Goal: The goal is to re-imagine and invigorate public spaces through public art.

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