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igNIGHT 2014: Artist information

Archived Information

The information on this page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Archived information is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

Tony Stallard

Artists Tony Stallard

Tony Stallard is an internationally renowned public artist with 25 years of experience creating art in the public realm and collaborating with urban designers and councils on various regeneration schemes. Stallard is a new media practitioner, specializing in digital media, and has described his work as site-specific conceptual light sculptures.

Based in Essex, Stallard has exhibited in Holland, Czech Republic, Japan, Finland, and throughout the U.K. Most recently, he has produced works in Canada, including installations in Calgary and Saskatoon.

Stallard studied art at the Chelsea School of Art and Camberwell School of Art in London. He has an MA in Site-Specific Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art and an MFA in Public Art.

To learn more about Tony's work, visit Tony Stallard's official website.


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Tonya Hart

Tonya Hart

Tonya Hart is an award-winning Canadian public artist. Since graduating from York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in 1998, Tonya has exhibited her art work all across the country.  

In 2006, Tonya formed a business portfolio called The Sculpture Garden along with fellow sculptors and artisans, with the goal of seeking and creating new opportunities to exhibit artwork directly with the public.    

For the last 5 years, Tonya has focused her work extensively in solo and group exhibitions. She was granted a commission by the City of Toronto in 2011 for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s annual all-night celebration of contemporary art. Tonya credits this opportunity launching her career in the public art realm. 

Tonya says her design “incorporates light, not as a decorative element, but as a conceptual link to light and energy.  It represents the light that is invisible to human perception yet intrinsically present in nature.” 

To see more of Sonya’s work, please visit or visit her on Facebook. 



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365 Productions

365 Productions

365 Productions Inc. is a Vancouver based Audio Visual company specializing in event production. In partnership with 365 Installations Inc and  Go2 Productions, they are known for creating powerful visual displays, lighting installations, and public art pieces at events across Canada.   
365 Productions credits a lot of its success to their "understanding of the delicate marriage of art and technology” and their ability to take advantage of technological developments.  They describe their work as containing a combination of “artistic vision and military precision.”

To view some of the projects 365 Productions has completed and to view their portfolio, please visit their website.



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