Syncrude Clubhouse
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Syncrude Clubhouse


101 Cartier Road, Fort McMurray, AB

Booking the Syncrude Clubhouse
Clubhouse bookings are on hold until further notice. 

SAP Club House - From above

Located in Timberlea, on the Syncrude Athletic Park grounds, the stunning Syncrude Clubhouse is open year-round and features state-of-the-art facilities, including a large atrium, meeting rooms, change rooms a commercial kitchen, flat screen HDMI-capable TVs, an audio system with wireless microphones, tables and chairs and WiFi access throughout. It can be booked for private functions, training sessions, meetings, birthdays and more.

Facility Overview

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Bright and spacious Atrium
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Change rooms with showers
  • Outdoor patio
  • Permanent outdoor picnic tables


Meeting Rooms

The Clubhouse Meeting Rooms are equipped with an HDMI/VGA capable TV, allowing for convenient plug and play access to laptops and presentation material, multiple white boards and the ability to open the space into one larger meeting room. It can be configured with tables and chairs as needed. Maximum capacity for one meeting room with tables and chairs is 14. Maximum capacity for combined meeting rooms with seating only is 56.

SAP Clubhouse - Boardroom


The atrium is a large open concept hall with a 50 foot high sloping ceiling and approximately 2,000 square feet of space. It features an entire south facing wall of floor to ceiling windows, allowing for lots of natural light. It is equipped with a large 70" HDMI/VGA capable flat screen TV, a stereo system with wireless microphones and restaurant style kitchen window/counter to allow for easy serving and kitchen access. It can be equipped with tables and chairs for presentations or dining events, or remain open allowing guests to mingle freely. Maximum capacity is 250 people standing only.

SAP Clubhouse - Main room

Industrial Kitchen

Our restaurant style, industrial kitchen comes complete with standard appliances, multiple industrial fridges and freezer space to allow clients to keep items cool, fresh or frozen while preparing meals; Food is easily served to the atrium through the counter window. Please note that clients will need to provide their own cookware, cutlery, dishware and utensils.

SAP Clubhouse - Kitchen

Change Rooms

There are four separate change rooms, each equipped with benches, showers and a washroom, allowing for multiple teams to prepare before game time.

Seasonal Skate Room

During the winter months, a heated skate room is open at the Clubhouse from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, except on statutory holidays. It's a great spot to lace up or warm up while you're out for a skate at the outdoor rink.

Location: 101 Cartier Road, Fort McMurray, AB

Booking the Syncrude Clubhouse

All Syncrude Clubhouse bookings are on hold until further notice. 

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