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Regional Emergency Services

The Regional Emergency Services (RES) department provides emergency services to respond and mitigate emergencies that threaten life, property, and the environment. The Department provides a coordinated response to emergencies and provides emergency medical pre-hospital care, training, fire prevention and life safety education.


Regional Emergency Services comprises the following branches:

Fire and Medical Operations

The Fire and Medical Operations branch provides integrated emergency response service. All operations staff are cross trained and qualified in firefighting/rescue and emergency medical response allowing crews to respond to all incidents in the Municipality.

The operations branch works closely with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to mitigate wildfire risk. In addition, Regional Emergency Services maintains specialty teams in Technical (high angle, confined space and collapsed structures), Water Rescue and Dangerous Goods Response.

Training and Recruitment

The Training and Recruitment branch supports the Fire and EMS Operations Branch through the provision or development of training related to the public services offered.

These services include emergency medical response, fire prevention, fire, rescue and special team response. The Training and Recruitment branch is also responsible for a series of initiatives supporting recruitment and retention for Regional Emergency Services.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention branch is committed to implementing initiatives which will result in an overall decrease of fires within the Municipality. The branch’s services include proactive fire safety education, pre-planning, inspections and investigations.

Rural and Fleet

The rural fire departments are composed of Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Anzac, Saprae Creek and Conklin. They are staffed in total with approximately ninety paid on-call members. These firefighters are trained fire suppression, extrication and medical first response.

Fleet provides care and maintenance for the RES fleet, which includes light and heavy vehicles. Fleet is also responsible for the life cycling of vehicles, safety inspections and the scheduling of preventative maintenance.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management branch is committed to the preservation of life, property and the environment through the creation of disaster resilient communities and building strong stakeholder relations. The Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) is activated when required and the Municipal staff are prepared to meet the challenges of an emergency or disaster. We are able to be successful by employing these four core services prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

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RES main line:780-792-5500 or Ask a Question

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