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Community Emergency Management Plans

Community Based Emergency Preparedness is included in the 2018-2021 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Strategic Plan under the key strategic priority Rural and Indigenous Partnerships and Communities. 

Community Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) have been developed for each community within the region. These plans were created based on engagement with groups and stakeholders within the rural hamlets and communities.

Community Emergency Management Plans have three main areas of focus:

  • Hazard Identification specific to each community
  • Demographics of each community
  • Emergency Plan specific to each community.

The Community Emergency Management Plan is a community specific information tool and decision-making guide that will provide information regarding the following:

  • Demographics and characteristics of the community
  • Community leadership
  • Specific HRVA findings
  • Evacuation plan
  • Communication conduits
  • Emergency social services
  • Community resources and important contacts

Authority, procedures and roles/responsibilities are outside the scope of these plans. These community-based plans consider the unique nature of each community, as well as their specific needs and challenges.

Download the Community Emergency Management Plans:

Abasand Fort McKay Parsons Creek
Anzac Gregoire and Prairie Creek Saprae Creek
Beacon Hill Gregoire Lake Estates /
Fort McMurray #468 First Nation
Conklin Janvier Timberlea
Draper Lower Townsite Waterways
Fort Chipewyan McMurray Metis



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