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Fire Drill Procedures

Fire Drill Report Template

Fire drills are critical for ensuring the safety of the staff, students, residents, and clientele that enter your business, building or property. Practicing fire drills will help ensure individuals have the knowledge to safely escape a fire without injuring themselves or others.

The National Fire Code, Alberta Edition mandates the frequency and procedures for fire drills. The person in charge of the building is responsible for conducting fire drills and must consider the following items:

  • The type of occupancy within the building and its fire hazards.
  • The safety features provided in the building.
  • The degree of participation of occupants other than supervisory staff.
  • The features of the fire emergency systems installed in the building. (fire alarm, sprinkler system, etc.)

Fire Drill Frequencies

Fire drills must be held at the following frequencies:

  • Every 2 months for high rise buildings.
  • Every 3 months for a laboratory.
  • 3 times in each of the fall and spring term for school attended by children.
  • Every month for day-care centers, treatment or detention occupancy.
  • Every 12 months for all other occupancies.

Use the Fire Drill Report Template to record the results of your fire drill. Ensure these records are kept onsite along with your Fire Safety Plan.

Pre-Fire Drill Procedures

Contact the following organizations to inform them of the upcoming fire drill:

  • Contact the fire alarm monitoring company and advise them of the upcoming fire drill. Ensure to supply the monitoring company with the estimated timeline to conduct the fire drill.
  • Contact the Regional Emergency Services (RES) non-emergency line at 780-743-7061. Ensure to supply Dispatch with the estimated timeline to conduct the fire drill.

Initiating the Fire Drill

After the fire alarm monitoring company and RES have been notified, start your fire drill by activating a manual pull station or by pressing the “Fire Drill” button, if your fire alarm panel has this feature. 

During the Fire Drill

The following items are to be evaluated and recorded:

  • Were individuals closing the doors upon exiting rooms?
  • Were individuals remaining calm and proceeding towards the nearest exit?
  • Were individuals assembling at the designated muster point?
  • Did fire wardens (if applicable) ensuring the safe evacuation of all individuals?
  • Were all individuals being accounted for (if applicable)?
  • Were exits guarded to prevent re-entry into the building?
  • Were all individuals accounted for?
  • Were exits guarded to prevent re-entry into the building?
  • Were individuals given the clear notification to re-enter the building?

After the Fire Drill

Ensure the followings steps are completed

  • Record the total evacuation time in the evacuation checklist report.
  • Silence the alarms, reset the manual pull station and reset the fire alarm system.
  • Ensure the fire alarm system is back to normal operating condition.
  • Inform individuals that they can re-enter the building.
  • Contact the fire alarm monitoring company and RES non-emergency line to advise that the fire drill is complete.
  • Re-evaluate any concerns that arose during the fire drill and discuss among supervisory staff.
  • Complete the fire drill report and keep it onsite along with the Fire Safety Plan.

Supervisory Staff means those occupants of a building who have some delegated responsibility for the fire safety of other occupants under the fire safety plan.

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